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An interesting article that might tie in to your observation.

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In addition to those, there's other reasons. Identify that way, you get to be cool and oppressed and special, you get to demand your way all the time. Even if it's about sexual preference, it still works, because "queer" or its ilk sounds just enough like being a lesbian that geeky incel Melvin will think you're not into guys and not make a move, but is obviously not the case enough that hunky Chad will know it's all word salad bullshit and you're DTF. It's a complete win!

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Are you sure it's not the Pinterest algorithm showing you art of lesbians because it thinks you're interested in it?

As for why it might be obnoxious. The artist in question might want to virtue signal to other wokes about how accepting and diverse they are, and/or get attention from straight men who like lesbians. Making incredibly obnoxious art fills out both of those conditions.

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It's usually the art from Tumblr where there's this infographic comparing women from different cultures and making those two women lesbians and talk about social issues or crap. It comes off as "Hah. Got you. In your face."

Before I got to my anti-woke phase a few years back, I've already seen and I've already disliked those kinds of posts. My friend proceeds to call my self during that time as homophobic, in hindsight.

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Oh those! Yeah I've seen those so many times before, they don't even register anymore. It was good for a laugh the first few times, but now it's just trite. I don't even know what to take from it anymore, that women can be friends no matter the culture? You shouldn't compare different cultures —aka cultural relativism. Lesbians are hot?

At the slightest hint of dislike of "queer"ness. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, etc etc

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Pinterest algorithm loves to assume, you take a look at one thing, and it decides "Oh you must really like this, so we're going to flood your dashboard with it" even if you don't pin it, download the pic, or visit the source.

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Twitter does the same thing. You follow a few people for their knowledge of a certain subject, but they've got pronouns in their bio, and all of a sudden woke activism and graphic sexual talk hits your feed. I muted so many people, but they just kept coming.

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It is most useful when you really want to look at other artworks of the same calibre. Sometimes though you click on one artwork that just interests you in passing and that thing can oversaturate your feed. It's not as bad as Imgur though. Actually Imgur is a horrible place and it just is so whacked up. Pinterest however is less Twitter-y so I like it.

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    There's some gay ones. Usually the yaoi fanart of the Avengers and some heroes and then there's Arcane where the fandom ships Jayce and Viktor but they get as obnoxious as the lesbian fanarts.

    I will admit I haven't seen any OCs about gay romance. Line Webtoon has some but they usually become Tumblr level of woke or just have it as a subplot that's not really fully fleshed out so I'm not really getting the full idea or maybe that's just me.

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    This is due to your search history, sweetie.

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    Struggling artists selling their wares on Pinterest are in a situation where if they're making art to sell, they kind of have to KNOW the piece is going to sell and sell quickly, just to keep their head above water and be able to afford to make more pieces.

    Woke people want nothing more than people catering to them, and so they're willing to buy pieces from randos on Pinterest if it caters to them, personally.

    Therefore, if you're a small-scale artist, making woke artwork is a smart move so you can profit and pay bills/be able to pay for the art you want to make.