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“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

I can't speak for normies, but there's no quicker way to convince me you're wrong than to censor criticism.

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Just remember: They're not child groomers anymore. They're child predditors.

Make sure to add that to your spellcheck.

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The simple truth is that censorship works. Nobody would use it, nor care to protest its usage, if it didn't. If thousands of people are now no longer able to post counterarguments to a position on one of the internet's most prominent forums, and millions of readers are no longer able to see what those counterarguments are, it's impossible to reasonably conclude that the counterargument would gain popularity. As for the Streisand effect argument, that objectively isn't happening. Even if r/TiA2 hypothetically would be allowed to exist, merely moving subreddits is enough to lose over 90% of people. Having to move to this site means we're down by an amount closer to 99.9%.

You also can't argue that the silent majority agrees with us even if they can't say so on Reddit, because we have no idea what a silent population thinks, or even how large it is. If they voice an opinion for us to gauge, they're no longer silent.

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You're right. If censorship didn't work, we would never have had a communist country anywhere on this planet. Most people don't think outside the box, so they don't look for what has been censored.

Whenever a channel gets banned on YouTube, most of its subscribers just assume that the channel stopped making new videos or its owner died. They don't bother check to see if this person is on Odysee or BitChute.

Another example: Reddit banned r/rightwinglgbt. Most of the people on that subreddit went to r/conservative. I don't see anybody on the Saidit equivalent.

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Yeah, I don't even think impugning humanity is necessary here; This is a purely a matter of compounding numbers. I'll just make up some numbers in the ballpark of plausibility for sake of illustration:

Say r/TiA had 1,000,000 subscribers. Of that million, we'll say 20% are bot accounts. Then 20% of the real users are dead accounts which the owner never logs into anymore. Of the active accounts, only 50% log in to Reddit regularly. Of the regular Reddit users subscribed to r/TiA, only 10% make a point to go to r/TiA regularly. Of the regular r/TiA users, only 5% are willing to make an account on a separate web service for the sake of doomsday community migration. Of the new s/TiA users, only 10% bother to log in to Saidit regularly.

Using those estimates, that population goes from a million to 160, which is actually slightly optimistic since I don't think the number of users online here at once ever exceeds double digits.

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Sometimes censorship doesn't work. I didn't know who Dave was until they tried to censor him. The Streisans effect happens more likely with people who already have an existing work for people to check out. Libs of tiktok is another one where the effect happened. I didn't know that twitter account existed until people whined too.

Matt Walsh is another. Jordan Peterson, and others. Sure censorship can work, yet at the same time it doesn't always.

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You didn't know who Dave Chappelle was!? Have you watched his stuff, he's good.

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Yeah. American comedy scene wasn't on my radar of interest that's why I've not heard of him before the controversy. I haven't watched the netflix special either since I don't have netflix. I did see some clips here and there before though.

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I no longer have a Reddit account, but I check in on the trans stuff from time to time, and I feel like I'm seeing more and more pushback. There's more awareness that legit criticism is being censored, and people just aren't having the sports stuff at all. I do think Challenor-gate woke a lot of people up to what kinds of people are running Reddit.

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you'll see it plenty when the context is right. like if it's a picture of some ugly ass dude in a skirt everyone will still go "so brave" but if it's a news article about something that is common sense like women's sports the top comment will be ostensibly gender critical.

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Yes. Most normies won't be able to see the arguments that are being censored, so they will accept the propaganda without question. What might wake people up is the amount of detransitioners in real life.

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While you're right about those, the other side to that is that while propaganda and censorship work, they always fall to what people see with their own two eyes. All the pro-war propaganda the military can put out doesn't work against shots of Vietnam at dinnertime. That's what made nonviolent resistance work in protests- it was built around "our opponents aren't monsters- if they see us literally doing nothing and getting beaten and punished for it, they'll know we're the good guys and come around".

Indeed, that's why the trans sports situation has done more to start people against it than anything else- there were a number of things propaganda could cover up- but this was the first example where people could see Thomas had no business competing against them with their own eyes...and worse, it COULD NOT be downplayed, because to downplay Thomas's performance is to agree with the people against it.

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Your response has given me hope. Furthermore, social media bans has driven people who are awake to the streets.

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“It feels like most people are live and let live but as far as them in sports,women's prisons,or if they actually are biologically a women, no one is buying into this.”

That’s the impression I get. I’ve gotten upvotes on White People Twitter for pointing out that Lia Thomas was taking the piss and that sub is left wing to the point of insufferability.

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Lia Thomas did more to raise awareness of the problems of trans athletes in sports than any reddit sub ever did. Reddit isn't very influential, it ranks below Quora on the metrics. Places like TiA are more useful I think for the like minded people to gather rather than to sway hearts and minds.

I like the Lia / libsoftiktok strategy. Just give them enough rope to hang themselves (figuratively).

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Well reddit is currently tanking PCM who're going to go the way of us, though Admin really showed their true colour there with that "no saying woodchipper" thing. Which anyone only ever uses in reference to paedos. Purging subs just makes people go somewhere more extreme especially when they do deliberately broad rules that everyone can see through to see the agenda.

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do you think it will some how sway fence sitter's opinion on things like trans sports?

It inevitably pushes people away from such ideas.

Predditors only hurt themselves.

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The ban will isolate the remaining public from concerned opinions.

It's basically another grooming tactic.

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I think if it was common knowledge how far they go to ban any kind of discussion about this that people would be more likely to question them. I don't know if they do know though. The good news is that they don't prevent people from expressing the kind of idiotic pro social justice opinions that turn people against them. Like insisting you need to refer to male pedos as they, saying trans women should be in women's sports because they are women and you're a bigot if you disagree, trying to force people to say birthing person and menstruator which I'm pretty sure most normal people don't like. They can try to shut us up, but as long as they don't shut themselves up I think things will turn against them anyway. People already seems to be getting fed up with it.

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One issue I see percolating up is the level of black crime out of control, and how that is being censored.

It's really, really bad against Asians, Jews, Whites, etc.

The FUCKING media covers it up.

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They were targeting r/stupidpol for a while, which is a left wing sub that criticises the autogynephillic transvestites (aka literally everyone on AHS)

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For me I turned conservative because I made significant changes to my life habits. Also most people aren't SJWS and support for trans women competing as women in sports/puberty blockers is low. It's just reddit is a special case because even the progressive people don't like blue haired liberals :)

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Nope, the more they do this, the more they are fucking themselves. These people think their mental health problems are everyone else's problems, and when people don't buy it, they go apeshit. Banning people from Reddit doesn't change their minds, it just makes them angry and determined.

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/r/KiA is next sadly enough.

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Honestly, if I were going by straight level of one sided prejudice and hate, KiA would be at the top of the list with SJiA just below it and TiA way below that.

TiA, at least before coming to this website was a mix of people of all sorts of political ideologies and was far more moderate on all things. It was focused mainly on pointing out the absurdity of the self righteous extreme left, and not on pushing any particular ideology.

Bigoted posts happened but were almost always downvoted by the community.

KiA simply has the benefit of not being as memeable, so their community is smaller and mods/admins have to do a lot more reading to find bannable offenses. Also because they are a smaller community they don't have as diverse of posts, one way or the other.

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SJiA was perfect satire. It just goes to show you the left is humorless.

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What does KiA stand for?

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They aren't interested in swaying adult opinions. They're interested in the children.