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The more infighting online and drama between lgbtq groups, the better. I just want screenshots and commentary.

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Yeah it's hilarious to look at, just see how troons infight among themselves

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Starving pirhana syndrome in action!

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More like crabs in a bucket mentality

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Neopronoun users have to be the spiciest straights in history. You want to be 🌈queer🌈, but don't want to have s-x with anyone of the same sex or pretend to be the opposite sex. So you invent a pronoun, bada bim bada boom, you are now 🌈queer🌈.

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People here don't seem to understand that there's no such a thing as a "LGBTQ+ community", this is all a very modern fabrication.

This meme was probably posted by a "truscum", or in other words, a transmedicalist who thinks only people with a gender dysphoria diagnosis can identify as transgender.

And yes, this infighting on trans communities has been going for a while now.

There's nothing new here.

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That "community" word has been tortured into something absolutely devoid of meaning.

Muh intelligence community... you mean "spies," you mincing pederast?

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I believe anyone can identify as anything but it doesn't mean anything really.

I can identify as gay if I want but unless I start fucking men it doesn't actually matter.

I can identify as a pilot if I want but unless I fly a plane it doesn't matter.

I can identify as a misogynist if I want but unless I go around hating women it doesn't matter.

LGBTQHIV+ is a political statement. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's all about quantifying oppression and nothing is more oppressive than nobody recognizing your identity so once an identity is recognized a new one must be established that is not recognized so that you can be oppressed and continue the fight for acceptance ad infinitum.

What people don't really want to admit is that self defined identity is meaningless, only identities that are assigned to us by others are of any social benefit. In that way this movement is essentially just a power game, people want to seize the power to define themselves in other people's eyes so they can control how they are perceived. Naturally this is an impossible situation to fully achieve. As people will always make their own judgements about you. All the -phobia and -ist insults then only serve to deflect and discourage criticism.

This is why you see such a railing online over the concept of gatekeeping now. What is gatekeeping except having to prove to someone else that your chosen identity is valid? I identify as an obese to athletic trans-professional baseball player. Why is it allowed for the transphobic team to gatekeep my participation in the sport and fail to pay me a salary? I identify as having a batting average over 800 and a earned run average of 0. Why can they discriminate against my identity?

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there's no such a thing as a "LGBTQ+ community", this is all a very modern fabrication.

Exactly. Even the gay men and lesbians don't get along with each other. Although I wonder if that conflict is artificial.

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Wow when and where did they start fighting?

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When the kids they were grooming all started coming out a asexual and the got cockblocked by their own game.

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The internet

5 minutes ago

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A lot of trans people don't even like non-binary people. It's wonderful.

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I don't see how xenogenders are any less valid than any other transtrender.

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The "I identify as an attack helicopter" joke didn't come out of nowhere. Sure, it's hackneyed at this point-- but the neopronoun/xenogender crew will always be the biggest joke out there.