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Out of all the weaponized modern "bigotry" buzz words that have been stripped of all meaning, transphobia is by far the worst. Other words like racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, etc don't even come close to inducing the severe eye roll that """transphobia""" does. Maybe there was actual transphobia, at some point in history, once upon a time. But that's not what these these loony troons are describing.

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There might be one other contender: acephobia

Because I've literally never heard of anyone being afraid of—or hate—people for not having sex. It seems to be a wholly invented problem. At least trans people manage to be dislikable enough that some people actually hate them. But asexuals have to completely invent their oppression from scratch.

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Yes you're right, "acephobia" is as equally as retarded as transphobia. Someone needs to tell these twats that none of us care if nobody wants to fuck them.

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i'm acephobic in that i don't trust people who clearly have active libidos but portray themselves as "asexual" online as some sort of weird dating method for weeding out people who can be honest about their attraction

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I'm acephobic in that I can't stand those people equating their struggles with actual LGB people, and claiming they're oppressed because no one wants to fuck them. For most people, it's clearly a defense mechanism.

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that's definitely a part of it that i haven't considered. virgin coping.

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About 99% of the self-identified "asexual" people I've met are unattractive, fat, emotionally stunted, sheltered women who probably have confidence issues about their looks. I think I'd believe it more if an actually attractive and socially adept woman with experience in the real world identified as asexual, but I've yet to see one.

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even when woke TV shows try to portray asexuality it's always someone with trauma who would otherwise have a normal sexual relationship.

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There are TV shows who try to depict this bull shit?

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high maintenance did an episode with an ace character.

but later it was revealed that they had some kind of past trauma and used to be intimate.

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Because I've literally never heard of anyone being afraid of, discriminating against, people for not having sex.

Honestly, it's somehow worse than that- there IS a lot of fear/discrimination against people who don't have sex, but by and large it's by the people complaining they're being discriminated against to the people who have some flaw or another that means they can't find a willing partner (and then it's the same "they are usually dislikable enough for the hatred to have a point"), NOT the people who made the choice to not have sex.

Though, considering the people who claim acephobia are usually the ones who say they're asexual but have, seek out, and like sex, but they don't think of it 24/7 so they totes count.

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I actually know an asexual who got beat by several of her exes for not ever being "in the mood"

Acephobia is stupid word though. The boyfriends were just abusive.

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It's simply a tactic to intimidate and shut down discussion. People with confidence in their viewpoints have no need to resort to emotional tactics like this. It is however a very emotionally satisfying and effective tactic at maintaining ones own worldviews without having to put in any thought or effort at defining or examining them and risk changing your mind.

It is essentially similar to Orwellian doublethink. It's not far off of a church branding it's opponents as heretics. People don't want to have to think very hard. It's just easier to stop the argument with an ad hominem and shut down thought.

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Phobia traditionally described a fear of something so intense that you have an anxiety attack when you see, hear, read, or in some cases, so much as think about it.

But apparently these days, thinking a dude in a dress is not a real woman is a phobia. We're to the point where unaffectedly acknowledging the reality of a situation is a phobia. Just another casualty in a long line of once meaningful terms that woke ideologues have weaponized and then bludgeoned into meaninglessness.

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Another victim of "words are ArBiTrArY and nothing matters"

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    Wait, but you hate straight, biological women too. 🤔 I though since you hate women, you will be more symphatetic to LGBT people, but you seem to hate homos too. Do you even like anyone?

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    Yes your mom

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    But he can't like my mom, she's married.🤓

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    You might be looking for the term "transodious" if you're disgusted by them.

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    And we don't want them grooming and fucking kids either.

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    Not only am I transphobic, but I'm also a queerphobe and a fascist according to Twitter. I wear it with pride. Instead of pronoun pins, I need these three buttons for my daily attire when I go shopping.

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    I feel like on paper, being transsexual is easier to understand than being gay for the average normie because it's about trad gender conventions. So if homophobia is a rarity, I think it would follow that transphobia would be the same- if it weren't for proponents being loud and obnoxious. I am talking out of my ass, but iran and similar places do have trans surgery and acceptance on some level while forcing gays to have sex change as well.

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    How is the whole transexual thing easier to understand? The way I can describe being gay is simple being attracted to men and and not women. I'm not attracted to women just like a straight guy isn't attracted to men. No mental gymnastics like the trannies.

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    Oh I agree, fellow gay. But it's in the eyes of the straight mainstream. I meant not that trannies don't do mental gymnastics- but look at the reasonably common stereotype that gays are feminine and somehow have female traits. As if we're halfway to trannies anyway. A lot of people cannot conceive of you just being a dude who fucks dudes, they'll ascribe some sort of female social role onto that, regardless of whether it's the case. The conventions are strong. How many times have you heard, "who's the woman in the relationship"? As if it works like that, but it's how most people see the world.

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    Yeah, I can't say im "transphobic" either. I'm definitely not afraid of some crossdressing, castrated eunuchs. I'm just disgusted and repulsed by them, but not scared.

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    You will be when you see them

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    I don't use transphobia or homophobia. . I use transaverse and homoaverse. No fear, just averse to their scene.

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    And they'll call you a pussy for being accurate.

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    Seething disgust is not an 'irrational fear'.

    The larger issue is the dilution of genuine civil-rights protections, based on immutable characteristics by including these beliefs, lifestyle choices and behaviors as characteristics that merit "protected-class" status.

    No, 'Ms. Chopped-Dick'; you weren't "born that way".

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    If you hate somebody for being trans you are transphobic, if you think gender dysphoria is a mental disorder and don't think little kids should be pushed towards transitioning you are just sane.

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    fear's just the wrong descriptor.

    what's a word that means "pity-amusement"?