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What? What are they even on about?

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Good question! I'm bi and I don't know either!

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It's a straight girl larping as bissexual and whining about not being seen as subversive for wanting to be with men.

"You see, I don't want to be with 'ordinary men', but with sensitive, nice bois. That totally makes me qweer, imarite?"

That's pretty much it.

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I mean if she was black you'd probably send her for a mental health check just to be sure but she still wouldn't be gay.

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Half-fag too and it doesn't clear things up even one bit for me. Are we even supposed to understand it? Who the fuck it was written for?

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Ah, so, somebody coined another stupid term and is having Internet battles over this, alright.

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And it doesn't actually have anything to do with us, fellow bi person! Thank effin' god...

(Though of course that never stops the spicy straights from dragging us into their perpetual mirror-mirror-on-the-wall-who's-the-SPESHULEST-of-them-all quest anyway)

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Something about golden retrievers.

So probably zoophilia.

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well it's a white woman thing, so . . .

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Oi. Be inclusive dude.

Dogs for everyone!

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Chines people be like "yes please"

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Tldr... these women view men as dogs who are only there to satisfy their emotional needs and be attentive to their every whim 24/7.

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woof woof bby, i wanna be ur dog

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You are right!, I'm sorry. the real victims of men being treated like animals are the women.

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If they could find a way, they’d make women the real victims of the first day of The Somme.

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Men, famously known for not liking being fed, fussed and kept out of women's drama.

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You're being overdramatic over a stupid TikTok meme, in the exact same way the person in the post is.

How do you feel about that?

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wow okay... this is a bigoted take. how does it feel knowing you're a puppet of the cis heteronormative neurotypical patriarchy?. How does it feel knowing by judging people as being overdramatic you are inconsequentially contributing to the desensitization that causes a literal genocide of queer ideology. Stop flagrantly purporting the notions of the tyrannically fascistic western capitalistic neo futuristic bio luminescent Caucasian hegemonic oligarchy and think for yourself.

Your deeply troubling participation in a system designed to murder marginalized communities and silence vulnerable voices is disgusting. How do you sleep at night knowing that you are actively harming innocent folx for merely existing. How do you go on day by day realizing that you are routinely aiding in the shifting of a societal paradigm in order to de-synchronize the current synergy that less affluent beings have worked so hard to build?.

I am stunned by your inability to grasp the most basic of human concepts. And I am shocked at your inhuman lack of empathy. clearly you only care about causing suffering to hapless individuals. So what I need you to do is take a step back and analyze your deeply rooted biases then begin the process of unpacking your ingrained traumas so that you can work to be better. When you do then you can finally help build a world where we have abolished drama. A world where we have secured the existence of the gay race and a future for trans babies. A world where my feminine flagpole can be spit polished everyday by anyone I decide needs to do it. A where we don't have equality but instead have equity but some of us have more equity then others.

So please be better, educate yourself, and submit.

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How long before they discover the “golden retriever” guys they’re fawning over are themselves deploying the sneaky fucker tactic?

[–]LyingSpirit472 4 insightful - 7 fun4 insightful - 6 fun5 insightful - 7 fun -  (4 children) up, a shocking portrayal of how bigoted and stereotypical this joke I heard was. My father died choking on an egg, and this person dared talk about a chicken crossing the road? Not to mention how "the other side" is the GHETTO, so this chicken was gentrifying it and taking space from BLACK BiPOCs, so it's racist...and anyway, did they think about vegans here?

Do better, Venmo me, flagellate yourself.

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"So ladies and gentlemen, did you hear about the disabled Trans lesbian who reads books to children while in drag?. She's a really great human being and deserving of our utmost respect!" - some late night show host probably

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Um, that's going to be a yikes from me, sweaty. To raise up this disabled trans lesbian who reads books to children while in drag inherently pushes down disabled trans lesbians who can't read, or who don't want to present as a woman, or who would prefer luring kids into a windowless van with some candy. This says they're LESSER than her, and anyone being less or more than anyone else is inherently hateful. Do better, Venmo me, flagellate yourself.

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Um, ohmigoddidyouacktuallyjustsaythat! Perpetuating the windowless van stereotype is an act of violence against the child-attracted inhabitants of Turtle Island, at a time when they are suffering the most oppression in the media, courts and the prison-industrial complex. The fact that you used it reveals you are bigoted, colonialist and mapphobic and the way you casually use memetic violence reeks of adultiphile privilege and boot-licking. Edjucate yourself, bigot!

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Um, that's going to be a yikes from me as well. To ignore the strong, confident MAPs that do use a windowless van only supports those stunning and brave MAPs who choose to live lives that the white cisheterodiagnosednonDreamstan patriarchy think are "okay". Any MAP is stunning and brave, and we can only protect the MAP race and have a future for MAP children if we support all of them. The Venmo price is going up by the post; I don't have the spoons to keep educating people for free.

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I'm bisexual, and I have no idea what they are on about. Also "biphobia" is just homophobia, because usually the stuff directed towards bisexuals are homophobic remarks.

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There's a bit of fuss on social media now that some people, straight and gay, won't date bisexuals.

It's the trans "people not attracted to need to get over their prejudice" all over again.

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There’s a crucial difference between bisexuals and trans people here, though.

In order to date trans people, you must cater to their delusion, by pretending that you can’t perceive what sex they are. This is understandably a deal-breaker for pretty much everyone (“trans” people themselves included; most categorically refuse to date each other).

In order to date bisexuals... you don’t have to cater to, or pretend, anything. Because we aren’t pretending anything. Same as (non-trans) straight or gay people. So the only thing distinguishing us from straight or gay people here... is our sexual orientation. Which is, therefore, what we’re being rejected on the basis of. That straight and gay people find bisexuality/bisexuals distasteful somehow.

Well, if a bi guy refused to date gay men because he found homosexuality/homosexuals distasteful somehow... what would you call that?

To be clear, I’m not saying that, even if straight or gay people’s rejection of bisexuals is unambiguously motivated by the most virulent biphobia– “I won’t date bi people because they’re disgusting subhuman animals!!!”– it shouldn’t be treated as final; everyone gets total veto power in this area. Always. Whether I agree with their reasons or not. (And whether they even give any reasons or not; “because I don’t want to” is reason enough.) Would I like to see the no-bisexuals dating policy’s demise? Yes. But only organically, as a natural outcome of biphobia’s demise in society at large. And not because anyone is guilted (much less bullied) into it.

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Lescels, Bicels, Gaycels, Trancels. What's next?

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I think that biphobia legitimately is different than homophobia, though of course they both have the stigmatization of same-sex attraction in common. When that's the focus-- and it often is-- biphobia and homophobia are indeed functionally-identical.

The thing is, each form of prejudice consists of two parts. The one that bisexuals and homosexuals don't share is the SECOND type of stigma: for homosexuals, that's lack of opposite-sex attraction; for bisexuals, it's lack of monosexuality.

The first stigma-type only gets us in trouble with heterosexuals. The second gets us in trouble not only with them, but often with homosexuals as well. Neither can understand a sexual orientation that includes both sexes. And therefore, to them... it often doesn't look like a sexual orientation at all. Hence the plethora of alternate explanations: "you're REALLY gay or straight, just confused, or screwed up, or a poseur, or a sex maniac", etc. Which are all just another way of saying: "you don't exist".

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Also "biphobia" is just homophobia

Some of it. But gay men and lesbians aren't the same as bisexuals and vice versa. There'll be things that are different. Just like there's the "lesbophobia" term. Nothing wrong with having specific terms.

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Okay fair enough. Yes, bisexuals aren't homosexual or heterosexual, even if one prefers the same or opposite sex they aren't either b/c homosexuality is exclusively attracted to the same sex and vice versa for heterosexuals.

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She's just after a tongue bath.

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..... what?

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She says she's completely bought the lie that sexist stereotypes define gender and you can change your gender by changing your behaviour, plus something about a nice boyfriend who is considerate.

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I'm confused... At least from what I'm assuming, what does the "Golden retriever" stereotype have to do with bisexuals? What does it have to do with lesbians?