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nonsensical, transmisogynstic and appropriating our experiences and language

Nah, this is a troll. I refuse to believe anyone could be that lacking in self awareness

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Don't be so sure about that. One of the stock "discussion" tactics is to throw out a bunch of $5 words and turns of phrase, in effort to overwhelm any attempts at forming a coherent rebuttal. Because if you don't address each and every single convoluted point that they raise, you're obviously cherry-picking and arguing in bad faith, and can therefore be safely ignored (after being labeled a bigot, naturally).

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Heck, it's even shocking they do that, since the argument falls to "I am what I say I am", and anything else can be boiled down to that. No matter what proof you give otherwise, "I am what I say I am" trumps all of them. Just by them saying they are what they say they are, there's proof that's completely inarguable in their claim- you don't have telepathy, you can't conclusively say they're lying about saying they are this. And once they added "just saying it makes you one of us"- even if you DID have telepathy and can say "You're lying and I can prove you're lying about being in this group", it also comes to "but I say I am, so I am what I say I am", so the argument is lock-tight.

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Hard to say because people use arguments like this.I swear how is the trans movement not dead yet when this whole ideology is so confusing as to what exactly it is to be both trans and a woman?

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The fuck is CAMAB?

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Coercively assigned male at birth. Same as AMAB, but more dramatical.

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Because he was coerced into it as an infant, through clever argument.

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Coomer Assigned Male Autistic Beta

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Guessing Cis Assigned Male At Birth?

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Holy shit, logic just keeps circling the drain. What role does a transwoman take in society that isn't filled by literally anyone else?? Isn't the whole point to fill the role of a natal woman?????

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Quick, someone post this to SelfAwareWolves

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I'm not sure who's mocking who in this conversation.

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The world needs to know what this word truly means. It's the way out of our current state.

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The question then becomes: would you still be a woman if you were alone on a remote island, without society of any kind?

If yes, then there is something more to being a woman than a role in society. (This can be something biological, it can be gender souls, but we've ruled out the social construct hypothesis.)

If no, then society is what makes you a woman, regardless of your opinion on your gender, and there's very little you can do to change that.