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TL;DR troon tricks people into moving to Belgium and proceeds to force them into prostitution

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Scum. Cut his dick off - oh.

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He wants to keep his dick. Essentially, he wants to be a dick girl. Plus, it lets him peg men if he’s into men, and saves him having to get a dildo if he’s into women.

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I find it weird how a socially conservative country such as Peru would pass a law pandering to troons' delusions. Belgium I can understand, but at least Belgium has the sense to lock up human traffickers even if those traffickers are trannies.

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Because at its core it's a conservative movement that's latched onto the social justice train.

There's an interesting old article from the Atlantic called "Conservative Men in Conservative Dresses" that details the journalist's experience on a cruise for crossdressing, married, straight, overwhelmingly conservative men. Deleted now of course and attempted to be scrubbed from the internet, because it's wrongspeak.

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Conservative Men in Conservative Dresses

I remember reading that in the actual print edition of the magazine years ago. It's always stuck with me, how selfish those men seemed. That was kind of the central theme.

You couldn't publish that today. Even ~20 years ago, it had to be wrapped up in the whole "ha ha, Republicans are secretly gay" angle, apparently. But if you look past that aspect of it (which really comes out mostly in the title), that article was a powerful deconstruction of gender theory in its infancy.

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It's always stuck with me, how selfish those men seemed. That was kind of the central theme.

Definitely. As people have pointed out their foray into femininity went as far as parading around in their wives' underwear. I'm pretty sure one of the wives in the article even makes a point of saying she'd hoped it might mean her husband would help out around the house a bit more, but no such luck.

And the organisations I mentioned, which were supposed to be offering support certainly did so, but almost always for the benefit of the men. It was never "Maybe you should leave him, seems like all your disposable income is going towards his fetish"

There's this now slightly infamous clip of Ben Shapiro getting threatened by Zoey Tur (nee Bob), where one second he goes from this demure "Teehee, I'm just a lady, don't you know?" parody and the very next he's threatening to break Ben's bones. I doubt anyone will be surprised to learn he was even more abusive in private, and coming out as trans gave him a get out of jail free card, where his daughter can't publicly disown him for fear of being called transphobic

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I don't want to gloss completely over something you said, which is that what we're seeing is a conservative movement. To me, conservatism consists of deferring to past practice whenever possible. A better title for that Atlantic article might have been, "Exhausted, Superficially Conservative-Looking Men Take Break From Looking Conservative."

That said, what we're suffering through has origins in a deeply-entrenched male power structure. People like "Martine" Rothblatt, "Jennifer" Pritzker, etc. were never made to sit in a special area or denied employment or wealth. What they are perpetrating on us may not be "conservative" per se, but the perpetrators are people who have a certain natural distance from conservative criticism. Pritzker is some kind of infantry officer and Rothblatt is a wealthy entrepreneur.

Maybe this just means that the gender question is independent of everything else. I'd like to be more optimistic about it, though. I agree with people like Jennifer Bilek and Isabella Malbin (so-called TERFs) about more than just gender ideology. These are people I respect even though I'd never call myself a feminist or anything other than a conservative.

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Right, it's not so much conservative men as men who have a view of women as inferior and if the last couple of years have taught us anything it's that there's plenty of those men on the left too, they're just a bit better at hiding it. And that's where the fetish comes from ultimately, the thought of losing control, becoming inferior, whilst still actually being completely in control. Autogynephilia is where masochism meets misogyny. To go back to Shapiro's meeting with Tur, Tur gets to throw around his (literal and social) weight and use that as intimidation whilst still getting to pretend like he's a wallflower who couldn't handle the slightest criticism. The male power still remains post transition. Transwomen make headlines for being admirals, athletes, CEOs. Transmen get in the news for getting pregnant.

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Yeah, that Tur character is positively terrifying. He just oozes this weird authoritarianism, like he's got you cornered and he's going to do whatever he wants with you now.

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The term for this is Bonapartism, named after how Napoleon I and III wielded the progressive language of the anti-monarchist French revolutionaries to manipulate them into supporting regressive imperialism.

These people aren’t progressives; they don’t want a truly equal, fair society. They just want all the power for themselves.

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In this case the language appropriated is "trans/transgender". Notice how you rarely hear the terms transsexual or transvestite anymore. That's because the movement has been co-opted by the transvestites, obscuring that by making out the two are the same under the umbrella of transgender.

There's actually some pretty interesting reading that illustrates pretty well how we ended up in this mess. Basically the modern trans movement as we know it today can be traced back to Virginia Prince, the publisher of Transvestia magazine, Virginia openly admitted that his first experience wearing women's clothes involved feeling aroused at wearing his mother's underwear (what a surprise). Prince later went onto found Full Personality Expression, arguing that suppressing transvestism was denying a part of the personality, which later became the Society for the Second Self. The UK branch of Tri-Ess (I'm guessing they used that as their shorthand so it wasn't SSS) would be called the Beaumont Society. Both of these organisations on both sides of the pond were for straight crossdressers and the Beaumont Society even had men sign a declaration swearing they weren't gay, they couldn't afford to be seen to be affiliated with those dirty homos, you see. Members of the Beaumont Society as well as Professor Stephen Whittle a transman would later go onto found Press for Change, an organisation who were highly influential in pushing Stonewall into the situation they currently find themselves in.

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The orgs that promote trans ideology hand out big money so poorer countries are more at risk it they get leftists in power.

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Scary as fuck.

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However, the Flemish part of Belgium is, as usually, VERY SILENT. A quick google search gives this persons instagram and facebook and some sites in French. Flanders is really balls deep into the TRA movement.

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I was told that Wallonia is more conservative and more switched on than Flanders. But I wanted to be sure. After all, isn’t Guy Verhofstadt Flemish? Verhofstadt wants to turn Europe into a federal state and eliminate the sovereignty of European countries.

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Depends on the subject, Wallonie is usually more socialist and leftist compared to Flanders. Flanders has a far right party that is growing again steadily and a Flemish nationalist party that is more on the conservative side.

In Flanders, however, we have the Green party with a transgender minister and a transgender party member happily dancing in lingerie during the Pride last year or the year before. And of course we have to be in awe about how stunning and brave he is for that. So stunning, much brave. If I recall correctly, he also would like to have an uterus transplant as soon as possible.

I get not liking Verhofstadt but we can't really blame Flemish silence on him as he buggered off to Europe and is quiet in Flanders.

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So Flanders is more polarised? Weird.

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Yeah, as far as I can see, it is. However, Belgium is fucking weird and for an outsider hard to understand. I am not Belgian and I am often in a state of confusion. That being said, there is quite the language border. It could be Wallonie is just as polarised, you just don't really hear it in Flanders. Not to forget Ostbelgien, the German speaking part that some forget even exists. On the other hand, at least this news is fucking mentioned in some Wallon news outlets.

Edit: Jesus, I am talking a lot. Sorry!

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Talk all you want. I've always been interested in Belgium because of the chocolate and the architecture. Such a shame that TRAs are trying to ruin it.

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Almost as if troons have sexism and harming others in their blood.

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If I win Miss Trans Peru I will work towards world peace and fat eurocrats raping sex slaves.

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who wants to bet this delicate, beautiful "woman"'s trafficking ring only enslaved the so called privileged "cis" women?

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These cucks with the masks...