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I guess this solves the toilet issue. They'll use the one with the wheelchair sign.

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Imo, this is a good thing because:

1) It removes all of the self-ID bullshit. From now on, either doctors officially recognize you as such, or they don't, but the "Vichy gays" as I like to call them don't have a say anymore on whenever they're trans or not.

2) If a doctor still indulge into a patient's self-ID bullshit, that doctor can be legally held accountable for medical malpractice, which should discourage such attempts.

3) Good luck to pass as a handicapped person under the scrunteny of insurance companies and governemental help programs.

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Yeah- this helps separate the people who are truly transgender and deserve respect from the uWu crowd who are the biggest oppressors to trans people.

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I haven't heard of uWu before. What it it? Thanks

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It's a emoji for a face that's very commonly used by Tumblr people who act like this. Using uWu unironically doesn't necessarily guarantee they're a tucute, but the odds are slim they AREN'T.

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It's something little anime girls and people who want to live their life as an anime girl say. Used with sarcasm/irony by most other people.

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4) This now allows jobs to demand proof from a doctor or psychologist for accommodations just like any other disability. No longer are they protected by HR for just being.

They will now need proof / signature.

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Holy shit you’re right. No more “self id is valid guyzzzzz!”, but will it extend to prisons? That’s where I’m seeing a lot of dudes “become” women, so I’m curious if that will be the same thing.

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So this ruling states that those with gender dysphoria are protected by US federal disability protection legislation?

Haven’t they spent years arguing that gender dysphoria isn't actually a) a disability and b) even necessary (isn’t that the truscum/transmedicalist argument that they have been bitterly fighting against)? Are they all going to claim that they have gender dysphoria now that doing so confers benefits?

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The ideology is beginning to collapse under its own weight. It's only a matter of time now.

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It's too large, too popular, too abused with no structural backbone. There is no singular ideological rules to follow. This causes it to be so wishy washy that it can never last forever.

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They argued that it isn't a mental illness and somehow got the DSM-5 to align with that, hence why they now pull that DSM card any time their collective sanity is questioned.

But to your point, declaring it a disability now seems to dismiss all of that posturing they've been doing for years. And they see it as a win I guess because now it means they can apply for disability and get free money and not have to work. Which might be a mixed blessing if they stay out of the workforce.

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In the US, people with disabilities don't automatically qualify for SSDI / SSI (Social Security Disability Insurance / Supplemental Security Income). You have to prove that you are incapable of working and have spent years attempting to work and utilizing every treatment available. I've known people who experience psychotic episodes who disqualified, so I would be shocked if someone managed to get on the program over gender dysphoria.

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It's a schrodinger disability: when they want to leech public teax money, then it's a disability, but in every other case it's not.

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The big difference: Now, someone with gender dysphoria is confirmed disabled and gets all the benefits a disabled person would get in US law.

However...getting confirmed to be disabled is VERY, VERY HARD under US law. The Tumblr uWu crowd knows this. That's why they fight for self-DX and run away from "diagnosis privilege"; the uWu crowd knows damn well that any psychiatrist/psychologist better than Dr. Nick saying '50 bucks and I'll diagnose you with whatever you want with a prescription for whatever you want' will absolutely tell them they're faking it for Internet clout.

Now, someone who has gender dysphoria gets to get the disability protections and benefits they deserve, but that AmongDripgender tucute doesn't have a prayer of getting those disability protections/benefits. No, not even if they threaten suicide if they don't get their way; Social Security doesn't fuck around with their games. Shit, considering how many people on the spectrum they lead down the primrose path and groom into believing they're trans/neogender, they'd have better luck getting these protections if they play into how they're on the autism spectrum instead of their gender cult shit- but they won't because they played their card of "Internet clout is more important than anything" and they'll play into what gets them more clout.

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Hard to tell if it’s an actual realization or they wrecked themselves or an insult to real disabled people.

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Hard to tell if it’s an actual realization or they wrecked themselves or an insult to real disabled people


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"Transgender" people don't exist! A man is a man is a man, enough with indulging the fantasies of lunatics.

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This is as great a blow to the legitimately disabled, as the rest of the LGBTQ+ circus has been to legitimate civil-rights beneficiaries.

People's beliefs, lifestyle choices and behaviors do not rise to the level of "immutable characteristics" used to confer 'protected-class' status for discrimination cases.

And yes, I've seen the sleazy Wikipedia version adding perceived to the definition of "immutable [characteristic]".

"Perceiving" something that objectively doesn't exist is called a delusion. The resulting behaviors aren't something anyone was "born with".

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Yes Transgenderism is a disability, mental illness is a disability.

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Always has been

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disabled by my cummies