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Not just the sociologist; I suspect everyone involved in getting this queer daycare center off the ground, because what kind of fucking psycho thinks PRE-KINDERGARTEN children have sexual preferences and desires? Not to mention the parents that would bring their kids to this place.

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If the daycare centre or the parents had any sense, this sociologist would be in bruises.

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I'm less bothered by the paedophile sociologist and idiot parents, I'm more bothered that there is apparently not enough social pushback to stop it dead in it's tracks and allow the proposition to even be floated in the first place. Figures it's Germany. First they came for the children and I said nothing because I wasn't a child.

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A lot of bad ideas have come out of Germany. Marxism, America's public school system, the Eurozone, hyper-regulation, Government interference, the Frankfurt School of Thought and Antifa. Also, Klaus Schuab is part German, though I lay most of the blame on the Swiss for his behaviour because his base operations are in Switzerland and they let him live.

I do love German chocolate, German architecture and German engineering. Plus, I cannot deny that German men are sexy. But Germans are terrible at governance and education so they should just stick to engineering, confectionery and porn.

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That’s how I also feel. Truly perverted.

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Isn’t there currently a massive scandal in Germany over children being deliberately placed in foster care with pædophiles in an attempt to cure the pædophiles’ tendencies?

Oh you like to rape children? Here’s a 7 year old boy!

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That is evil. No wonder the birth rate is declining in Germany - because in Germany the state can kidnap your children and put them under the care of paedophiles if you step out of line. This shit is wicked and vile.

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When you apply "Why don't you smoke a whole carton of cigarettes?" to a wildly inappropriate situation

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There is, I posted a link to an article mentioning that “experiment” in my comment below.

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And they wonder why people keep associating homosexuality with paedophilia. Stop teaching kids about this crap. They cannot process human sexuality of any kind.

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Here is original German text:

I couldn’t find any English-language source about it yet.

Hmmm, where have I seen it before...?

Ironically Rüdiger Lautmann is described on Wiki as “one of the most prominent LGBT scholars in Germany“ and the approval of paedophiles of his controversial work is described as controversy from which he distanced himself XDüdiger_Lautmann

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What a sicko. Anyone who advocates abolishing the age of consent is an enemy to society.

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Thank you, I heard of these sources and I know there’s many more but I meant English sources or what I posted from that German magazine Focus. About a NEW, two daycare centers to be opened and this nonce among people involved in it and the “queer education”. This is a different thing, although very similar to what these older articles mention, these events from years ago.

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What, he's Jewish?

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Where's that kraut blaming all of Germany's problems on the Great Satan now?

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We need an LGBTKKK.

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If you asked Herr Lautmann and people like him what they feared most, what’s the last thing they’d want in society, they’d probably say Nazis. Think about the implications of that for a moment.

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I do not need evidence that most of these trans types are simply paedophiles trying to get to kids.

When the whole gay thing exploded into popularity in the 1990s, a common concern from parents were gay people getting to their children, especially gay men. It seems ironic therefore that most convicted paedophiles are gay. But to say it at the time and even now would get you hung drawn and quartered.

Here we are, years later, another contingent of the gay ideology and they aren't even being clever with it anymore, they're not even hiding it.

The only reason we don't smash this movement in the face is the threat of our livelihoods above us. That is the only reason, there is no other. All we can do right now is to educate our children that there are very real threats against them and they come in colourful packages and a shroud of innocence. I protect my kids as much as I can, but the older they get the less I can reasonably do to protect them.

They both see the gay con though. They are both aware of the trans army and their bid to get to children. And more than a few times, they have told me about their teachers and their demands to teach them about trans issues.

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This is a really great and insightful comment. I also hope the education can help the younger generations to oppose that.