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They're the same picture.

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they do. they just call them trans rights.

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Chris-Chan, Jessica Yaniv, Aimee Knight and "her" father agree wholeheartedly

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The problem with incels is that they're men who won't (or can't) game the system the way that troons do. And unless it's a thug with a cop on his back or an emasculated soyjack, lefties despise men.

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Because it is an ancient instinct to ostracize the unfit males and prevent them from breeding, so as to prevent their inferior genes from being passed down.

This instinct is so strong it even overrides the compassion of those who tell us that they are compassionate towards everyone and offer unconditional love. What they want is to make these men feel horrible. Hurt them, torture them. Make them feel so miserable that one night they run off crying, unwanted. Either that or they drive them to commit suicide. Both are equally acceptable outcomes.

But the same internet that allowed the trannies to find each other and create groups also did this for the inferior males. Nothing changed, though, the cruelty is still there because it is very deeply ingrained in the human psyche. They, as our hunter-gatherer ancestors, feel strongly that they are doing the right thing when they torture unfit men. And I get it: they don't want these men breeding and passing down their poor genes. It's just that I thought we were long past that as a society and didn't do this shit any more. But they love it.

"Incels are a hate group" say the empathetic left, and they mean it. They have the same view towards incels as the Nazis did toward the Jews. A horrible stain on the human race best excised, permanently.

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Lions play fight with each other not to hurt the inferior male lions but so they learn how to fight and are no longer pathetic failures.

Humans do the same shit. Nature is cruel, and if you are scared of going out and killing your own gazelle, you starve.

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It's not nature. It's humans being cruel to other humans. Especially as these humans are a self-selected group that is known for great compassion and empathy, and yet when these inferior males are mentioned, they suddenly become hateful and heartless. Seems a contradiction, but they don't see it that way, and the reason they don't is ancient instincts, the kind they tell us all the time they've long grown past.

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It's humans being cruel to other humans.

Which is nature

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Which these compassionate people said they ditched long ago in favor of a more empathetic and humane way of treating their fellow man.

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Look, you don't need to make it any clearer. We understood. You think of yourself as an "inferior male" and you think society is a big meanie because they don't owe you shit. Welcome to the jungle. Get some courage. Sincerely, a woman.

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Sincerely, a woman.

I wouldn't include that part. It'll only rile him up even more.

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That was the point too.

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You're not helping his view on women then.

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Oh, because women are supposed to be nice and kind to losers? So if I were a man I'd be allowed to be rude to him, but as a woman suddenly I can't?

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this is what you get drafted to protect lmao

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Not entirely.

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Maybe that reputation is undeserved. Virtue signalers have been shown to be anything but what they signal.

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My dude, That is nature. Base instincts and impulses and their responses as well as the shenanigans thereafter are still part of nature. Whims and instinctual features aren't supernatural, lol.

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The point is we want humanity to use our unique intelligence to see through our base predispositions and create a world as free from the unforgiving harshness of nature as possible, not to be captive to them and view such harshness as insoluble (or just). The fact that you and I are communicating right now is the result of a synthesis of hundreds of technological and social developments which never occur in nature. The anesthesia used to relax my body enough to surgically implant a pacemaker inside my heart is unimaginable to humans as little as 500 years ago, let alone animals with no capability of high cognition. Do you think I deserve to be dead because I have a neurological condition which causes wildly overactive vasovagal responses which cause asystole?

Am I saying we should have a system to harness women as sexual chattel for men who have failed to attract a partner? Of course not. What I am saying is that we shouldn't view evolutionary reality as morally prescriptive. Besides, most incels aren't inexorably hopeless and irredeemable. There are poor, ugly, socially awkward, and even violent, overtly misogynistic men with wives and children. A fifteen minute stroll through any Walmart should disabuse anyone of the notion that romantic and sexual success is only achievable by the genetically gifted of humanity. A lot of romantically challenged men don't even identify with that specific subculture, and don't deserve to be unfairly lumped in with them too. Most of them can be helped (even if they do need to take action on their own end, a socially oriented goal necessarily requires help from others), but the first step toward that is to not dehumanize them and act like their suffering is a good thing.

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Are people claiming their suffering is a good thing? Is anyone claiming humans resourceful nature and use of tools and technology is a bad thing in it's own right?

It's not about moral stances so much as its just you can't control the laws of nature. Sure humans can fly now, with incredibly complex and expensive flying machines, but still doesn't mean gravity won't win out if the engines fail. You can hate the fact you're constantly accelerating towards the center of the earth at 9.8 meters per second squared, but there's literally nothing you can do yourself to change that fact of life, you have to live with it. You don't have to like the dating game or how women work, but you can't change it, so if you want some you've got to work with the rules you are given.

Secret fact of life, if people really hate you they will just completely ignore you. No bullying, no harassment, nothing. Not saying the bullying and harassment are good, but it does mean the person sees some benefit in interacting with you, and a lot of the milder stuff is a form of play intended to gently change your behavior towards something that will be more socially successful.

Course everything has to be internal. There's plenty of single and unhappy men and women out there who would be happy together, but they've got to first actually meet each other, and they have to actively want a relationship and see themselves as bringing some value to it. Men have it harder than women in some regard because women tend to be more picky with their sexual partners than men, largely because risks for women far outweigh the risks for men.

But if you want to improve your life and stop being an incel, focus on making a life for yourself where you are happy without a relationship, and when you are happy there, then you can start looking for someone to share it with you, and you will find someone, eventually, don't expect it to be easy or happen quickly, but it will happen if you look.

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I can assure you that when I was a teenager, school bullies did not tried to build up nerds to their level.

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If your are truly hopelessly pathetic the bullies certainly won't waste their time.

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You have no idea what you're talking about. Kids are cruel and they will not pass an opportunity to vent their frustrations on a kid who wont fight back.

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Interestingly enough, this idea of an instinctual "don't let the inferior genes spread" response might also explain why they push so hard for the transes: What better method to prevent genes from spreading than convincing the people they see as inferior to pick up the dick saw and self-castrate?

You ever noticed how both the incels and the transes seem to have far more Autistic folk among their communities than you'd expect to find among the general public?

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I don't think this is the case. If it was, we'd constantly see public trans community supporters being outed for privately wishing ill upon them. I'm sure this has happened before, but it's not widespread. Not everything is 4D chess.

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But, the fact that so many outright troons are also former incels who still have their single issue of "but I wanna have sex too!" as the only thing they care about. The only difference is now they're saying it as trans women, and people say "you're right. We need to change the world to FORCE people to give you sex"- this does have the case of "take yourself out of the gene pool and we'll let you join the club."

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Exactly! Look at how they embraced Chris-Chan the moment he "transitioned" specifically because he thought it would open up dating opportunities, or how the Yaniv guy did it specifically (which he even admitted ) to gain access to young girls that he wanted to "teach them how to insert tampons."

So long as they accept the dick saw, they find acceptance for even their most extreme deviances

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Yeah, nothing wrong with feeling instinctual disgust for the deformed. I have no problems with hating on incels a bit. The weird thing is how they've decided to champion trannies, who are often just incels that have taken certain steps.

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Incels are kind of pathetic. At least the online ones. If we're just talking about general disallusionment I've got sympathy. Life sucks. Being lonely sucks. But this whole idea that you are being denied something, thus involuntary celibacy idea, just reeks of entitlement mentality to me. You can sit around on your ass lamenting how pathetic you are that women don't even want you, or you can go outside and touch grass. But hey you want to get a girl you've got to be someone the girl will want to get. Go work out, go get a career, go get a hobby, focus on this shit and you'll be able to find a girl that will be with you.

Trans people are oftentimes incels themselves. One of the reasons you see younger men transition. I'm unsuccessful with girls, because actually I am a girl!

Spoiler alert transition usually makes you less desirable to girls, and men as well. So it's a poor self improvement strategy. Better to start a transition programme into weight loss or identifying as someone who has a six pack.

Also just remember. You're not going to ever get laid if you just sit around on the internet complaining about not being able to get laid. Go to the bar, find some ugly 50 year old skank. Easy.

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Go to the bar, find some ugly 50 year old skank. Easy.

Granny maxx, fuck yeah.

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If an incel asked you for a hug, would you say yes?

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If an incel demanded a hug I'd not say no.

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That's okay

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But hey you want to get a girl you've got to be someone the girl will want to get. Go work out, go get a career, go get a hobby, focus on this shit and you'll be able to find a girl that will be with you.

Also just remember. You're not going to ever get laid if you just sit around on the internet complaining about not being able to get laid. Go to the bar, find some ugly 50 year old skank. Easy.

But even that logic is part of the whole problem- when one side has to become "worthy" of someone's love, and the other side doesn't even have to change anything about themselves and they're inherently worthy, there's still a big problem there on both sides.

The answer is really "worthiness comes from within." If you don't feel worthy- and if you identify as an incel, you inherently don't- it won't work. You can become a bodybuilding billionaire with a great hobby and you'll still be an incel who that ugly 50 year old skank would laugh at.

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Hey man naturally if you choose to identify as someone who can't have sex, you won't have sex. It's not rocket science.

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One does not become a bodybuilding billionaire and still have a horrible outlook on life. It just doesn't work that way. Both thing require discipline that naturally kills of whiny attitude.

Also you'd be surprised how many women get turned down for being too far or ugly. The reason you don't notice it is because you don't give butter golems anything pass a glance you regret in the first place.

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You'd be surprised how attitude goes through for anyone. There's people who are at the top who are toxic.

The other side is also the problem. There's a lot of people who won't settle for anything but perfection- both incel and "butter golem"- but a lot of the biggest incels would sell their soul to the devil just to be falsely accused of rape by one of those butter golems and would happily go to jail forever for a crime they didn't commit, just so it's a matter of public record they once had sex.

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Geee... No need for the whole soul selling. Personally I'd just go to Amsterdam or Singapore.

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Go to the bar, find some ugly 50 year old skank. Easy.

I rather be a priest, thanks.

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Granted. You are now a catholic priest. Your only dating options are under 16 boys. Congratulations.

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I pick celibacy.

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If you are an incel, celibacy picks you!

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Transsexuals we’re never oppressed.

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Because some sickos want to fuck kids but no one wants to fuck incels

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My two cents:

Incels are an easy group for the left to demonize. They want them where they are and when the occasional once pops off and goes on a killing spree, it allows the left to kvetch about guns and toxic masculinity.

If incels got the things they claim to want, there’s a chance they’d turn into quietly productive members of society, drawing satisfaction from meaningful work and meaningful relationships. They’d just want to be left alone to their newfound happiness. People like that don’t tend to be very useful to the left.

Troons embody everything the modern left wants: they are subversive, degenerate, and are more than willing to burn it all down just to make everyone else miserable. To the left, that’s a force multiplier.

Tl;Dr: incels are losers. Troons are narcissistic losers. That distinction is critical to why they are treated differently by the left. The narcissism of the troons make them useful.

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Because you can't support trans twice?

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There is money in drugging up the deluded degenerates. There is not money in the non-deluded ones.

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If you view yourself as an incel, then you have really swallowed those lies down whole about who you are and how you should see yourself.

Incel is a nice convenient label that you can apply to yourself that both absolves you from any sort of desire or drive to improve yourself. And really, hardly anybody cannot improve themselves.

My son has friends that he has previously described as "Incel". My son is in primary school. How on earth can a fucking 10 year old be an incel? But those are terms those kids have already internalised. The term Self Fulfilling Prophecy obviously hasn't entered the chat yet hey?

If you are actively calling yourself an incel, there's one of two things you can do. First, stop calling yourself an incel and work on improving yourself. Nobody is unfuckable. The second thing is recognise symptoms of depression. While I rarely advocate going to a doctor and sucking down SSRIs, if you feel you need to go seek some counselling, it isn't expensive to do so if it's what you need right at that moment. If you feel very depressed, call the fucking samaritans. No joke, they're far more qualified than me to talk to you about it.

Fuck incel rights - there is no such thing as an incel. Not at the rate we promote anyway! You know what? Most men go through a track record of not getting laid. A good bunch of women do too! Hell there have been women that have approached me that I just really didn't find attractive and passed on. I wouldn't call them incels or unfuckable either. They just weren't for me. And guess what, there will be times where the object of your desire won't like you too. It happens, it's called life.

Can the incel shit, concentrate on your own shit, boom.

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Online incel has just taken the meaning of dweeb or uncool with the kids. It's like how kids in the 90's said everything was gay. They didn't know what it meant besides a stock insult. They loved the adults getting testy with it so they used it more.

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Maybe it's isolated to my son's peer group, but they do seem to have a very particular definition of it.

"This guy is such an incel he will never get any girl. He should just go trans"

My boy knows full well not to engage with it but it depresses me wholly that he's even aware of these sorts of terms. I know when I was young, when I was falling by the wayside and going with societal pressures, my academic performance dropped. I'm watching for the same. Should it happen, things will change. My daughter is already being home schooled from next year, I have no problem with doing the same with my son when he comes of age.

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Same old bullying of the weird kids, different insults.

Be careful with the homeschooling despite the problems with the school system, it's incredibly easy to fuck up homeschooling and incredibly difficult to notice until years later. I'd only recommend it as an absolute last resort.