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Groomers target autists. This is known.

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I wish austists who speak out about it wouldn’t be silenced and this process could be widely known...

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Autistic and trans (7 years in, committed to the lifestyle, it says "transsexualism" on my insurance docs): there's nothing to lose socially by transitioning if you don't really enjoy the company of anyone you know. Link

Hahahaha, might as well, right? Get those tranny perks if you didn't like anyone anyways. And he's committed to the lifestyle, sounds like a fandom or cult. He could have said he was committed to being a brony, or a mormon.

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1% to 68% is such a wide margin it's basically useless I think.

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Yeah, it’s surprising that they got published with that range. Then again, looking at the JIF for that journal, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, it’s lower than 5, I’m pretty sure they’d publish something finger painted in poo.

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Studies indicate that people who fingerpaint are somewhere between 0 and 100 percent more likely than the general population to engage in foreplay.

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It's a meta study so it isn't their data. It means they compiled a bunch of data from various sources so not their fault.

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Apparently fuctional autists often partake in masking which adopting a new persona can help with.

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The speg to incel to tyranny pipeline will one day be celebrated like the so-called underground railroad is now.

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Well, as long as you realize by saying that we need to mock "spegs" for being such, leading them to break bad and become incels and thus go to tyranny, your very comment means you are literally part of the problem, then sure.

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Very wise words. Grooming is one thing but another is mocking. Hypernormies are no better from troons. Let’s just respect each other and fight degeneracy.

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I believe there is an element of choice to autism. I am criticizing behavior.

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Of course. And that's the big issue that leads to autistic people being fish in a barrel for cultists/hate groups of all types.

Genderwoo is just the most obvious example, because they're the first to truly realize how EASY it is to lure autistic people into a cult: Just befriend them, be there for them, and trust that the person on the spectrum is so lonely, such a social misfit, and so desperate for a place to belong in this world that they'll do literally anything you say if you promise them that...and they obsess over anything they have to become the people who'll be the most militant believers there are.

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Holy shit you made me realise that these are the types of people who join cults in the first place. And the categorical structure of behaviour in a lot of them might well appeal to that type of mind.

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Yes, and it's also the change for the gender cult instead of old ones. Traditional cults or even hate groups focused on people who are new in town or just got out of a long-term relationship/got out of losing family members because even they didn't want anything to do with autistic people. The gender cult's the first ones who saw autistics are this easy to lure in.

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Dylan Mulvaney Boulevard incoming!

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Why are there so many comments removed?

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Generally it's understood that there are power mods who sift through hundreds of subreddits and will remove any comments which are even slightly questioning of trans ideology. That particular subreddit is also more likely to remove off topic comments.