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It’s a religious belief that grants huge amounts of clout. Back when no one gave a shit, pre-Equal Marriage, there were no TRAs and everyone kinda pitied the poor guy who thought he was a woman (and he did the decent thing and tried to blend into the background and not cause any trouble).

Then along came the gay rights organisations with a choice as to whether to pivot to campaigns for gay rights in non-western countries or choosing another demographic completely…they took the easy, less defenestrationy option.

Add into this the ascendancy of the Critical Studies (Gender, Race, Queer, Women’s etc) and the swarm of graduates of said courses infiltrating corporate HR departments and creating posts such as DEI manager and you have the perfect storm for the wave of lunacy to sweep through corporate, government, education, media and politics.

The final piece of the puzzle was social media and the willingness of people to take part in pile-ons.

Add these factors together and you get fucking Eddie Izzard using a women’s toilet and acting like it’s the sanest shit in the world.

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Well, there was likely an additional part of this- the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" factor. Identifying as trans/nb was the perfect way for a beaten down straight white man who was tired of fighting people who decided he was literally, inherently evil because he was born straight, white, and male to merely get to exist. You can't exactly become a different race, you would have to actively try to sleep with men to not be straight...but if you claim to be trans/nb? You don't have to change anything else about yourself and you instantly soar to the top of Oppression Olympics, and everyone does your bidding/lets you have revenge on the people who slighted you.

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a beaten down straight white man ... would have to actively try to sleep with men

Even then, the discourse surrounding "gay white men" is pretty toxic.

(not entirely undeservedly, in my opinion, I should add. But just like the also-deserved criticism of professional white feminists, it ends up getting hijacked by this weird determinism and demands for self-flagellation from the worst non-white Cluster-B narcissists.)

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ironically the radfems' second-to-last target before they got expelled from Tumblr's puckering circle of righteousness was unfabulous gay men, for being "doubly patriarchal" (1. man but also 2. didn't have any womyn around to supervise them, iirc)

THEN they pissed on the third rail and got ejected, starting an all-for-all purge where even left-handedness could be weaponized in the fight for clout

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Exactly the point. The only way a man can get to exist in this world is to choose to be trans- that way, they outrank the radfems who are trying to attack them.

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TRAs think it's noble to enable the self destruction of the confused, coerced, and mentally ill. They get some feel-good brain chemicals by denying what is objectively true for what they narrow-mindedly conceive of as a greater good. They get off on their own perceived piety. They don't actually believe this crap any more than we do, they just think pretending to believe it is the right thing to do and they get rewarded for announcing their devotions through social media like pavlov's dogs.

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Lefty incels and queers that want to be considered "normal" but are not and never will be. Bless their hearts.

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They're blank slatists (blank slate theory), so they don't believe in biological "determinism" that way. Like any ideology facts don't matter. The tricky part for "normies" is that this ideology also changes definitions around and also manipulates social consensus. Anyone that thinks about it should be able to see it, but this is not what most people do, they just let the hivemind think for them and this ideology is like a virus spreading through mindless people that just want to get paid and feed their family.

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It's just a stupid cult. I doubt half of them believe it themselves, but they're welcome to fuck eachother based on "gender" instead of sex if they want.

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It's because for most of them biological sex doesn't actually exist.

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Our society is so devoid of consequences you can say, believe, and do the most wildly stupid and wrong things without suffering the pain that was associated with error for most of human history.

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Because apparently a great many have infantalized grown ass adults and they have conveyed same down to young kids. "Tell me you are really a cat = I will treat you as a cat" and myself I will not. I've had more than a few chats with my adult kids who now have kids of their own and warned them that biology is not a wish it is a fact. I have 1 daughter and 3 sons and each was treated for exactly that and if once upon a day they told me they were being told they were being taught "you are in the wrong body you can change that" then I would have gone to Holy War and attack that. Something odd has happened over recent 5-10 years of this gender-queer gig and I can only point to demonic influence that has done it. Also for any haters I do not care what gender you propose to be you go right ahead. But that does not mean I will play along with your fantasy or somehow I will be forced to affirm what your fantasy is.