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We're not born into our bodies at all, we are our bodies, and by that definition it's impossible to be in a "wrong" body.

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Yeah, they’ve just reinvented the concept of a soul and called it gender identity - and the people who were supposed to protect against this shit, the philosophers, were cowed into silence or actually went along with it.

At every stage of the Wokening, the guardians of basic enlightenment philosophical concepts (logic, rationality and empiricism) have been derelict in their duties or defeated by the mob or worst of all complicit in its destruction and it’s scary at how quickly it happened.

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This ideology is making kids feel detached from their own being and sense of self. It is harmful beyond belief.

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Nothing is more harmful than maladaptive beliefs. Consciousness being an emergent phenomenon of a human body is not a maladaptive belief.

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The sheer numbers of kids affected are also going to be scary. It's being pushed as a cool club to opt into, a choice of identity, and certainly not as a medical treatment for rare/serious cases of dysphoria. Entire friendship groups are 'joining the club'.

(And I'm sure some of the not-at-all-LGBTQ kids are going to more cynically realise that in the world increasingly controlled by DEI departments, these opt-in identities have real value, and could improve your employment prospects or chances to get into a top university)

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Holy fuck are you brainwashed. Please explain how that's even logically possible. Because it just isn't. A machine can never create a real observer no matter how well it emulates one. By contrast it's entirely possible for an existing one to observe that machine's readings.

Just face it, the whole universe was never real and is a cruel thought experiment you're plugged into. Stop worshiping nature and blindly accepting everything thrown at you, which is what kept Truman Burbank from noticing the obvious for decades.

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Yeah, that all sounds like this reinvented soul stuff. Where were you exposed to this idea? Were/are you involved with gender ideology?

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This is far above gender ideology.

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Exactly! Really, what I think so much of the trans/ non binary craze boils down to, “but I’m a beautiful snowflake who was born into this ugly body!” But instead of saying, “hey, I can work out, take care of my body, play a sport, go out and learn some hobbies, etc” they sit and think, “I must just be a different kind of special! I’m actually a gorgeous woman trapped in this obese, smelly, inept man!” Or vice versa… or even worse, “I’m actually NEITHER man or woman! I’m just that special!! And classically attractive people need to make themselves available to ME!”

So much of it seems to be cope for the fact that they aren’t sexually attractive to others, but instead of taking the initiative, they expect everyone else to bend over backwards for them instead.

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I don't know about yaoi-obsessed TM, but this does seem to a huge thing amongst TW. So many of them seem to clearly feel they failed at manhood so they'll just be the lesser woman then. And none of them pass so they went from being an average dude that probably could have gotten really good at something (doesn't have to be anything specific, but competence in general is super sexy), focused on acquiring wealth, or done anything else in the world that men are awesome at - to a Buffalo Bill-esque creep who frightens away any woman with a half-developed spidey sense.

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I read a good post when TiA was on Reddit that hearing the well-meaning advice " 'you' is good enough!" (and nothing else) has a connection to being an (actual) incel/sex pest

especially without any alternative, it makes a 20yo much angrier at a rejection ("it was ME she rejected") and likelier to see sex as "something a woman gives a man" rather than the healthier approaches of even mild exercise/hygiene/interests beyond weeb consumerism (heck, a good mangaka takes references from all over the place--mythology, pirates, anthropology, warfare, occult history, obscure avant-garde literature)

plus the colleges overcompensate for the sneaks and creeps by insisting "if she doesn't roll backwards on her heels the moment you ask, never speak to that unapproachable goddess again"

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Well, now we have people saying "yes, you absolutely can be transspecies/transage", so they cover that part already.

Transrace is the big question, but that's also blatantly ignored by the gender cult movement for power purposes. The only chance for the gender cult to lose their ultimate power is if they cross the black community and force the SJW-side to choose which of their darlings is is most important and which has to sit down and let the other rule over them- and even the most obsessed gender cult person knows if you accept transrace, you've officially crossed the black community (if the "so a white person can just decide to claim they're black on the inside and say the N-word and we have to hug them and call them brother?" doesn't get the black community's ire, then the "oh, so I can just identify as white and cops won't beat and murder me! It doesn't work that way" WILL.)

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I read somewhere that the Critical Race Theory proponents don’t really associate with the Gender Studies and Queer Theory proponents as the philosophical underpinnings are actually different (CRT is all about lived experience and generational guilt whereas Gender Studies and Queer Theory are about self-ID and breaking down social barriers and taboos) and so there’s zero chance that trans-race is ever being accepted.

Add to that the fact that black communities around the world are far from the most welcoming place for LGBT and the fact that American race grifters really don’t want to share the wealth and there’s zero chance of trans-race being accepted. You are more likely to persuade people to accept you as transdog than transblack.

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Gender Studies and Queer Theory are about self-ID and breaking down social barriers and taboos

Isn't it about upholding them? Gender theory is based 100% on stereotypes and says if a kid likes pink he can't be a boy.

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Gender studies, what used to be called “Women’s Studies” claims to be about breaking social barriers and Queer theory is about breaking taboos.

Gender Theory is different I believe and is as you say about upholding gender stereotypes in order to be able to logically say people can be born in the wrong body.

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Well, we all know how much they care about blatant contradictions in their ideology. As long as it's woke they'll go full circle.

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Well, for every example of "it's really white people who are pitting blacks and Asians against each other!" to sidestep it and go after their biggest boogeyman, there's examples like "no, your Pride parade can't go through this Muslim-heavy neighborhood because it's bigoted!" where one darling was chosen over the other.

Even if it goes "no, no, black trans people go above both of you!" in this case, it's still choosing one darling to rule them all.

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They won't even define 'sex' and 'gender'. They're two different things only until it's convient to conflate them, and it's not good enough just to 'perform gender' in their chosen way, all official documents mentioning sex need changing too, from turning a birth certificate into an outright lie, to confusing medical records and crime statistics in ways that could be legitimately harmful.

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I identify as a medical doctor but the pharmacy still wont fill the prescriptions I write for myself, those fucking bigots.

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Literally genocide don't they know what happens when you don't give a self actualized doctor their heroine prescription. Literally transphobic nonsense. I identify as a heroine even though I have a penis. Don't they know how they are literally forcing me to hold up the bank to pay for my habit. Your honor really, it's the pharmacies fault! I plead not guilty!

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It is a lot different. You don't have another race's DNA in you at all. Sexual characteristics are primarily triggered by hormones.

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But there are certain genetic markers which are connected to location and race? Huntingtons can be traced back to what is now an area in Germany. People send DNA to those 23 and me companies and get told what their race is?

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Nearly everyone is at least a little mixed-race. But you have only your combination, not anyone else's. If you're 1% French you don't have the other 99% of French DNA. And racial traits are all DNA.

In contrast males do have both chromosomes. Females don't, but those chromosomes do little more than activate hormones that do the rest of the work, so everyone has DNA to develop as either sex. The chromosomes are a parameter, not the whole program. They determine what it does but not what it can do. This is why intersex disorders exist. Sometimes that's because of weird chromosomes, but it can also happen if you produce the wrong hormones or respond to them improperly. It's possible to have a full-blown XX male or XY female, and I think the XX male is even fertile. The catch with hormones though is they have to run their course at certain stages of development, and many changes they make are permanent. That's why transition doesn't work. Testosterone might make you grow a dick before you're born, but it could never do that to an adult.

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Sexual characteristics are triggered by hormones, but there are still vast differences between men and women - i.e. castrati are still very much men.

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Not really. Their voices don't even change. They basically never go through puberty. That doesn't mean they don't mature in general, only that they don't mature sexually. Actually I would expect them to be more mature than someone whose body is focused entirely on sex.

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Really don't know what you're on about - they're still men. We're not sexless until puberty and then all of a sudden we form into boys or girls once the right hormones kick in. Every cell in your body is coded XY or XX.

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It happens before birth too. Though it doesn't really do anything but determine genitals, everything else happens during puberty.

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But the same can be said about gender.A man can't have female DNA and vice versa.Even setting aside the whole intersex argument since the majority of trans people aren't intersex,it's individuals are extremely rare, and they are neither a third sex nor proof that sex is a “spectrum” or a “social construct.”

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Males at least do have DNA of both sexes. But those chromosomes do little more than activate hormones which do everything else. Believe it or not there are rare occasions where you can get an XX male or XY female. Not trans, but naturally-born males and females. Sometimes the sex organs aren't fully functional, but other times it's only discovered because of a laboratory test.

The reason transition doesn't work is because when these hormones do their job is very important. You can't expect someone whose genitals are already formed to change just by switching the hormones. This is also why FtM transition does work somewhat but MtF doesn't work hardly at all, because women have comparatively few secondary sex characteristics beside men.

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I was a man trapped in a woman's body. Then my mother gave birth.

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The simple answer to why transrace is not accepted is because black people as a group have firmly said 'no' to the idea. They would not put up with it.

Had women as a group taken a similar line on the transgender issue, the result would have been the same, but they didn't, so one by one, Women's Studies departments surrendered and became Gender Studies departments.

There was, in fact, a philosophy paper that argued that transrace actually made more sense because race is not a strict category, while sex is binary. It generated outrage, and I think the journal that published it had to issue an apology/retraction.

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If there's no such thing as "race," then there's no such thing as "gender" either

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I'm trans-vaccinated. I'm not vaccinated, but I'm going to roll with it whenever the question becomes an obstacle.

Them: "You vaccinated?"

Me: "Sure."

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Is body dysmorphia a thing? Why yes it seems to be a thing so that by its self would not support your position.

The push for self ID however does leave the door wide fucking open for this pish.

Although its quite possible to of one ethnicity and culturally be different. I would also posit that trans age if you look at it from the side of a old person becoming more impulsive and child like due to dementia is a thing.