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A hetero MAN sexually attracted to women? omg so homosexual UwU

also, since when enjoying lesbian porn makes you a lesbian? Don't these absolute deluded morons know that almost all "lesbian" porn is made by hetero men, for hetero men and is being played by hetero women actresses ? Liking lesbian porn is actually the most MANLY and heterosexual thing in the world, lol

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It's so much of a reach how people went from either lesbian porn/yaoi from "I like [opposite sex]. I would probably quite like to see two really hot [opposite sex] going at it" to "I like lesbian porn/yaoi, I must be that gender".

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Well if you ascribe to the porn addiction theory of trans identification it makes sense.

I think it's not so much the porn making them whatever but exasperating pre-existing issues, and when someone is a bit off or anti-social or has some other difficulty I think that the porn fantasy kind of supplants their reality.

I've talked to a few women with yaoi fetishes and it's not much different I think from the women who go full on into crappy romance novels. Gives them really unrealistic expectations of sex and what relationships entail and makes it harder for them to maintain normal relationships. With the trans stuff it typically goes along with really sexist stereotypes I think. Women feticizing gay men as "gentlemen" or some such as opposed to brutes or whatnot. If they've no clear handle on reality they start to think, "I want that kind of fictional relationship, therefore I must be gay".

The reason you don't understand why that makes sense is probably because you've got normal human relationships. If someone is autistic or otherwise socially handicapped I can see them making that jump of logic.

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As someone who likes yaoi and slash fanfiction, the comparison to romance novels is spot on. Yaoi and most fanfiction is created by women and for women, and for many young girls it’s the first time in their lives that a genre of fiction specifically exists for them that doesn’t involve the male gaze. Romance novels used to fulfill this desire for romance, but then more male authors started writing romance and now most women don’t read romance novels. Women love romantic stories, sexual attraction to one or both characters is great but not necessary.

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I don't think you got what I was saying. Traditionally, it was like you were mentioning...but somewhere along the line it changed over to this way.

The "autistic or socially handicapped" thing doesn't even work for the jump of logic as much as the "autistic or social misfits are Tutorial mode for convincing someone to join a cult; they'll do anything to be accepted or fit in somewhere so even the smallest act of being cordial to them will make them do whatever you say, and they'll be obsessed with it to be the cult's most fervent believers."

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Of all the adjectives one can use to describe a man who likes to dress in drag, straight is like at the bottom of the list. So yeah you may like women, but you're still a faggot.

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That's actually the same idiotic, regressive way of thinking that TRAs have. I often read so many comments here that match exactly the way of thinking these incel troons have, that I wonder why y'all don't support them.

No, dress and lipstick don't make you a faggot nor do they make you into a woman.

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A faggot, colloquially, doesn't always apply to literal homosexuals. It can be used as a derogatory term for men who shirk their own manhood.

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Wrong faggot.

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So, how about you join the gender cult? "If you have short hair and wear pants you're a man; if you have long hair and wear a skirt you're a woman". So ridiculous!

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It's more like "if you are a man, then you should dress as men do" and vice versa.

All cultures have gendered dress standards to some degree, and societies have evolved that way because the visual delineation between men and women has always been socially significant and important. Now, do I think such social norms should be upheld by force of law? Of course not. But I do think some modicum of social pressure is due in order to reinforce useful distinctions between men and women.

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Your dumb social pressure is what started this bullshit TRAs movement in the first place. If people didn't give a fuck if men wore dresses and women had short hair, we wouldn't be in this predicament.

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If that were the case then we would've had the TRA movement 100+ years ago and it would've happened to all cultures, not just Westernized cultures. So no, this "predicament" isn't because of social pressure. It's merely the symptom of a political and cultural sickness that has manifested only recently.

If this TRA nonsense is proof of anything, it's proof that when you forcefully expunge well-established social norms and force the culture to accommodate fringe identities then everything goes to shit.

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If that were the case then we would've had the TRA movement 100+ years ago

We did, we absolutely did.

Forcing gender roles, claiming that real ladies must be dainty and wear pretty skirts, claiming that real men must be gruff and ape-ish, claiming that gay people can be converted, having men that get off on crossdressing..... it's nothing new. Tale as old as humanity.

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Doubtful. The people of the distant past had bigger things to worry about than "Oh noes!1! I can't be my true self!". Let's be real, if that's your biggest issue in life then you probably have it relatively good. This is a first world problem and one day, when the shit really hits the fan, people will drop this identify oppression narrative like it never existed.

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There's a guy I follow on YouTube, named RealityCheckSA.

He's a young black guy in South Africa interviewing residents on woke American issues. Most of the residents want nothing to do with this woke stuff.

In Japan and China, the woke left has a name: Baizou. Japan is currently very happy with their vetting system and homogenous culture.

All around the world people are in shock of the horrors they are seeing in America.

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No, it means you have it awful, and other people have it even more awful. Just admit that the world is inherently a terrible place.

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Most of the other cultures already bought into the gender stuff millennia ago. It was the originally-egalitarian Christian cultures that didn't succumb to it.

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Or maybe men should just dress like men. Then we'd also not have this 'predicament'. As the Bible warned us 4 thousand years ago.

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You're following the rules of a fictional book written 4 thousands of years ago. 'Nuff said.

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Yup and people back then knew what a woman was. You people always underestimate the intelligence of ancient civilizations.

Just follow the science guys.

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People back then also threw people to be torn apart by wild animals for fun.

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It's also not actually a rule

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Yes, because women wearing battle armor for pagan rituals is the same as them wearing pants out of preference.

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How is it useful, other than helping to preserve pointless traditions?

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    Lol. Fuck off breeder.

    Thanks for the compliment

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    Unfair claim. A dress really doesn't work well when you're riding a big Harley around.

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    Wow bigot. Don’t diminish the achievements of the bearded dress wearing tranny faggots on their Harley’s. they literally led the stonewall riots.

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    So... They are men.

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    I do like me some lesbian wrastlin.

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    Haven't you heard? That totally means you're a bedicked lesbian.

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    "Bedicked" I love it. Is there a ceremony for it? I imagine it's something like being knighted.

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    Is it gay to watch straight porn and imagine I’m the one getting railed by massive cock?

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    Porn is gay.

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    Wait, I know who the second person is.

    Daniel Fore, who among other things he leads an open source Linux distro.

    I remember when he came out as trans, he had the brilliant idea to say that his company was so inclusive that they switched from a male CEO to a female CEO (referring to himself).

    While his Linux distro was something I supported in the past, now I don't touch it with a 10 ft pole.

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    Pornhub makes you trans confirmed.