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Notice it used to be called Gay Pride. Now it's Pride. They know it's not even about gays anymore. Interesting article and I fully agree with it.

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Heterosexuals stole what was rightfully ours, and they still want their own parade to celebrate their degeneracy and perversion that they project onto Gay people in order to justify simultaneously (and paradoxically) erasing us and co-opting everything we are.

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I'm heterosexual, and I fully agree. This whole "Pride" seems now to exist to do the opposite of what the original Gay Pride did.

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Yes everywhere I go it's just trans trans trans their new flag almost a third of it is trans they are using the gays as a weapon for their trans ideology

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They're not quite ready to call it Child Fucking Pride just yet.

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But also nambla marched through the 90s.

Some change is good!

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Pride used to be over and done with in a day. Now it lingers around like norovirus. And for an increasing number of lesbians and gay men like myself, it induces similar symptoms.

The whole of June is now given over to Pride Month. And just as the duration has changed, so has the tone. The parades are starting to resemble a rainbow version of the Orange March. Rather than celebrating the liberation of the oppressed, they seem designed to bully the public into supporting the movement.

What Pride celebrates has changed significantly, too. Kink is now the order of the day. Every year you’ll see ‘pups’ (men who dress as dogs) being led on all fours by their dog-handlers. Often these pups are dressed in bright Teletubby colours and children are often seen petting them. What could possibly go wrong?

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Interesting read, and an important reminder that there are gay people who see and recognize that this is a problem.

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Yeah, but most of the general public is unaware that this is astroturfing by corporate America.

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I blame the 'TQ+' 100% LGB without the TQ+ NOW!

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Nah I think some of the LG and B bear some of the responsibility. They got addicted to the victimhood and were more than happy to include the spicy straights and the troons if it meant that they could ride the victim train for a little bit longer…they didn’t think that they would be kicked off by the spicy straights and troons, because they thought that they would always be the tops, but it didn’t work like that and the Frankenstein’s monster of the TQ+mouse2IA killed it’s creator and started to make beeline for the children.

There are a number of LG and B who warned about it, and some of those are speaking up loudly now - including some very well known people such as one of the founders of Stonewall.

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To be fair, the last few Prides have been quite funny with all the "I screwed 20 anonymous guys after the march and got monkey pox. This is why it's society's fault" type stories being published after.

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I will always remember the serious medical journal article I read listing swollen penises and inflamed sore anuses as mysterious symptoms of the new virulent strain of Monkeypox that seemed to only be infecting adult men.

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I guess we’ll never know.