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They're MUSLIMS. Practitioners of a religion that still kills people for being homosexuals, you fucking ignorant muppets. If you could stop fetishizing them for an hour or so as poor, oppressed victims of "muh Western hegemony/Jewish warcrimes" and actually pay attention to what they do and say, you'd figure out really quickly that there's a bunch of things that Islam doesn't mesh with. Like the perception of Iran as this beacon of trans enlightenment, and not understanding that these transitions are in lieu of death sentences for the crime of homosexuality.

So of course they're not going to attend events that celebrate homosexuality, or genderwoo bullshit in general, because it's something that is utterly against the tenets of their religion. And, unlike the Christians who've been mobbed into submission for the most part until only the actual "no fucks to give" types remain to express their disagreement, Muslims will not bend on this.

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The people that say this shit haven’t spent time around Muslims enough to hear the shit that gets said when the guards come down.

I have taught in schools with majority Muslim student populations and significant numbers of Muslim staff and the spiciness of the opinions I’ve heard on the issues of LGBT, race, religion, disability, abortion, women’s rights all from female staff - never worked with any male Muslim staff - would make an edge lord shitposter on 4chan blush.

And the parents can be even worse in what they say and how they act. I’ve witnessed a parent walking up to the stage during a “graduation-type” ceremony and roughly pull their daughter off the stage because she was singing and dancing with her classmates.

I look like I should be Muslim, so I often got included in little furtive conversations that, if I were so inclined, I could have got people fired because what they were saying is so unbelievably racist/sexist/homophobic.

I had to discipline some 8/9 year old Muslim girls who had taken to using the term “Christian sluts” to describe girls they didn’t like. They explained that that’s what their mothers called non-Muslim women.

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There's some teachers to me who seem to have lived their whole lives entirely in a "academic bubble" and seem totally unaware of the world outside of that.

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No, I think they’ve been indoctrinated and are entirely possessed by ideology.

I saw a clip of US elementary school children going into school through a sea of pride flags and their teachers dancing to disco music in costumes festooned with rainbows.

That’s straight up religious indoctrination right there.

I cannot imagine, as a primary/elementary school teacher, taking part in such a thing (I actually cannot see being asked to either). It has zero educational value, does nothing to promote tolerance and children that age are not gay or straight because they don’t think about that stuff - adults who claim to have done are just liars or are misremembering what childhood is like and reading backwards from how they feel presently.

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Well I would agree with the religious indoctrination similarity. Though I think the "bubble of experience" plays into that as well. You'll see it in the extremely christian circles where everyone in the social bubble is very much a part of the religion and they have an extremely hard time relating to anyone outside that bubble. Makes for hilarious missionaries who legit think that people who don't go to church do so because they've never even heard about Jesus before, or in the case of Mormons scratching their heads at the lack of success in missionary work in countries where drinking tea when you've got a guest is considered good manners.

There's no educational value to the pride stuff, but that's true of a lot of these activities in school. I've worked with teachers before who considered pride to be an integral part of American culture which just tells me they are laughably naive about the diversity of opinion in their own country, but even more than that I feel like a lot of it comes from simply not having real world experiences outside an academic setting. Their whole lives have been in school, college, then back in school as a teacher, and they seem to lack a solid real world experiences about why most people aren't going to buy the ideological indoctrination, they've never been outside of it.

Putting the gay stuff aside, simply the fairly uncontroversial mantra we teach kids "you can be anything you want to be" isn't exactly right. We don't want to discourage kids by shitting all over their dreams, but it's more along the lines of "you can do anything you are capable of" since when you hit the real world your own capability is going to run in direct conflict with your idealized self.

All these pride flags and the like would be fairly harmless if it wasn't in line with a profit driven medical system that seems to care little for people's wellbeing over their bottom line. Though I do think there's going to be an inevitable backlash to it. When these kids raised on the pride flags and all this get old enough to realize the sexual implications and the like, and they enter their rebellious phase, what is that going to look like? Does a non-binary theybe with tolerant parents raised on a steady diet of black lives matter and all that grow into a teenager who rejects all that and becomes a hyper sexist white supremacist type? I think it's possible. Unbalanced people tend to raise unbalanced kids but the direction of balance seems to shift. I see all these kids raised by strict christian parents rebelling into what is essentially now the mainstream LGBTQ+ queer identities as a way to differentiate themselves from their parents. It wouldn't surprise me if in another 5 to 10 years we see a lot of kids rejecting the woke in favor of more hardline conservative positions, I reckon another religious revival of sorts, similar to the early pentacostalist movement is in the wings, whether that is a Christian, Muslim, or something else entirely remains to be seen.

We could argue that "woke" is a good candidate for the religious revival but I think the failing there is that without any sort of stable doctrine it's likely to simply fall apart due to infighting, so I suspect it's going to have to be a more modern spin on a very traditional belief system that has a more stable ideological set of beliefs.

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I knew you were a rag headed goat fucker

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Heck, it's present to an extent even in non-Muslim Arabs, just by virtue of shared regional and cultural origins. The major city where I spent most of my childhood and the first few years of my 20s had a pretty sizable Arab population, a lot of which were non-Muslim immigrants getting out of the Middle East during the 70's and 80's in the face of growing Muslim extremism, and they shared more than a few views that I normally hear/see from Muslims. Not quite as fervent about their dislike, to be fair, but it was still there.

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Jewish women are the least likely to have children out of wedlock.

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You're based as hell. 👍

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Agreed. You can’t be a progressive and still support these proto-Nazi motherfuckers, which is why Jimmy Dore is a complete fraud.

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you fucking ignorant muppets.

You're from the UK!

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Lol, no. If you mean my use of the term "muppet," that's a reference to their expressing the opinion of whatever hand is (metaphorically) shoved up their ass and making their lips move. And when the hand is removed, they go back to being non-entities incapable of independent thought.

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Ah. Right then, cheerio guv!

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Woke is the new based. This woman made me stand up and cheer. The West needs to stand up to Islam in the name of Gay rights or the West will die.