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the book is targeted at four to six years old

Because as we all know, that's the perfect age to learn about BDSM.

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Yeah, because by the time they’re seven they should be….nope can’t bring myself to do that joke.

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Might as well tell it. Your joke is just going to be reality in a year or so anyway. That's how parody works now.

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Homophobe is tracking closely to nazi in the list of words that have lost their former pejorative power.

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  1. Take a word with terrible historical connotations (e.g. racism, fascism)

  2. Retune the definition for "academic purposes", with the convenient side-effect that it now only pertains to your ideological opponents (racism is power plus prejudice, fascism is right-wing only)

  3. Indoctrinate students at universities with the "new and improved" definition

  4. Let them loose into the world, to land culturally influential jobs, ultimately helping spread your newspeak to the masses

  5. Weaponize the words against your opponents, and gaslight them when they throw the old definition at you, by insisting the new definitions are academic and canonical

  6. Repeat #5 until the word is overused so badly that nobody gives a shit anymore

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Very succinct explanation.

They don’t see 6 as a problem because they will have made sure that the law/policy punishes the “racist”/“sexist”/“homophobic” as if they were “racist”/“sexist”/“homophobic” under the old definitions of the words and not the new ones. So the loyal Lady-in-Waiting to the late Queen is thrown under the bus by Buckingham Palace as a vile racist for asking another lady dresses in a somewhat offensive pastiche of “African” dress with a name that is what someone with little knowledge of Africa would recognise as nonsensical, where she comes from.

The loyal Lady-in-Waiting is allowed to make no arguments in defence of herself, the accusation from the “African” caricature is all that matters in the eyes of her employer and the media. The media acts as if the loyal Lady-in-Waiting had donned a white hood and screamed the hard R n-word in the face of an innocent little old black lady, because they wilfully substitute the meaning to suit their purposes.

It’s how a blatantly racist comment “The balcony is terribly white” after the coronation on a live broadcast is allowed to slide despite it not only being blatantly racist, but actually fucking meant to be racist the woman who said it actually meant that a family that was all white was terrible. But that was acceptable to the media who acted like the people making a fuss were the racists.

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We're deep into step 6. I think what these people don't realize is that the next generation is always distrustful the previous one, and their techniques will be used against them while the rhetoric will be abandoned. This is seen all the time in kids who become teenagers and start to question the church. There's no difference.

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Honestly, more of this. They are so far up their own asses that they don’t see that they are starting to wear out their welcome.

I was running errands today at the mall and I spotted a female megafauna, probably in her early 20’s, strutting around the concourse. She had on pride flag thigh high socks and was wearing a t shirt with a pride flag that said “stop killing us”. It very much seemed that she was there more to be seen than to do anything.

All I could think to myself was that the only thing that is a threat to her life is the fact that only she’s 5’ 3’” and had to weigh at least 200 lbs.

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female megafauna

OMG I'm dead. I've never heard this before. I am stealing it. No worries, I'll credit u/AriShekelsteinDDS every time.

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The new book revolves around the titular grandad regaling their grandchild with memories of pride and features a host of colourful illustrations of various LGBT people - some of whom are pictured kissing in leather fetish gear.

However many have expressed surprise that the book is targeted at four-six years old due to its perceived mature sexual content - and some have even labelled the book potentially harmful.

Taking to Twitter, one women said: 'What a relief that books for two-seven year-olds now include illustrations of men in fetish gear and girls who've swallowed an ideology that encourages them to get their breasts cut off.

Reacting to the furore over the book, publisher's Andersen Press pushed back and labelled criticism of the books themes or imagery 'homophobic.'

A statement reads: 'We stand by our author and illustrator Harry Woodgate and their book Grandad’s Pride.

'We believe it is a faithful representation of Pride Celebrations and Pride Parades around the country enjoyed by many families.

'We discussed the images of the Pride parade during our stringent and robust editorial process and decided collectively that we should show a true representation of what a Pride march looks like and what the many children who attend these events see.

'We consider accusations of “hidden messages” to be baseless, deeply offensive and homophobic.'

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That Author/illustrator needs his hard drive checked.

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Like genuinely I don't think you draw that and think it's appropriate for children. If you do I'm very concerned.

Also concerned that the publisher apparently doesn't see a problem with those pride marches if that looks like a true representation that they think is appropriate for children.

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It’s what happens when an industry is so absolutely captured, children’s and young adult publishing seems to be utterly riddled with the kind of people who think this sort of shit is acceptable.

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Well, just don't buy those "books" and hopefully one day majority of the copies will just end up in the recycling just like the every other woke "literature".

The only people who will buy this crap are a very few woke parents so the sales will be shit.

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They will be listed by curriculum publishers as recommended/required for schools, organisations such as Stonewall will promote them to schools/academy trusts and organisations will straight up purchase them to distribute to schools. Add to that the publisher probably won’t have printed a large first run, hoping that the outrage will drum up sales for a second run or subsequent books by the author groomer.

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Oh fuck, you're right, I forgot about the schools.😬

Ugh. Fucking groomers.

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Working real hard on that Weimar republic 2.0

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I hope it's a good pop-up book