Welcome, dear reader, to the weird and crazy world of social justice warriors.

If, like the rest of us, you're actually sane, you may be ignorant to what a lot of the topics discussed by Tumblr Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are. So, submitted for your consideration is this, the SJW Dictionary.


Your toucan is your most prized possession when dealing with tumblr inhabitants. When exposed to the topics described below, you may find after a time that you can't even. You will lose your ability to can. Your ability toucan.

So hold on to your bird.


The favourite pastime for SJWs is to pretend they're oppressed, and they are all professional victims. You may very well see otherkin telling people to "check their human privilege" while they talk about how oppressed they are because no one believes they're really a cat in a human body. Privilege, in this context, is another concept made up by SJWs. Those who are apparently "oppressed" have less privilege than those who aren't. Whoever has less privilege wins the Oppression Olympics!

This attitude is also used in more legitimate movements such as feminism. A great deal of Tumblr users have hijacked feminism and used it to claim all women are victims and all men are oppressors. You will see many examples of this in Tumblr feminist blogs, one of the most notable of which is About Male Privilege. Because complaining about the made up privilege of other groups (or even their own groups) is their favourite thing to do.


Believes that big is beautiful, healthy, and everyone should do it. Being fat isn't your fault, it's genetics. Diets don't work, they're just a corporate oppressive conspiracy. Doctors who tell you that you're unhealthy are oppressive too. And what's oppressing them? Why, thin privilege, of course! Such normalization of a healthy body size is oppressive and evil. A lot of them believe they are really confident, and feel the need to prove to everyone else how confident they are.

One who believes their physical size does not reflect their internal size. Variations of this include transthin and transfat.

Not to be confused with the actual transfats found in food, this means you identify as a fat person, even though you may be outwardly thin. Symptoms include bemoaning your weight, faking heavy breathing coming up stairs, and refusing to believe that a jar of peanut butter mixed with chocolate chips does not constitute a meal. Opposite of transthin.

Fat fat fatties believing they are little graceful Russian dolls on the inside, and thus they are beautiful. Opposite to transfat.

One trying to gain weight in order to match an inward transfat state.


A person who describes themselves as otherkin believes they are an animal in the body of a human. As if this wasn't already crazy enough, some Tumblr SJWs have extended the definition to include fictional creatures and characters too.

A person identifying as a plant.

A person identifying as a machine, such as buskin.

A person identifying as an animal, such as wolf, tortoise, or dragon.

A person identifying as a celestial gathering of stars.

My personal favorite. Identifying as Hitler.

An otherkin, some sort of mythological beast of cat origin.

When an otherkin assumes the mental state of the other beings in their system.

When an otherkin believes they have taken on the physical traits of their chosen being, such as gaining huge dragon wings in the middle of a Walmart.

When an otherkin believes they shift into the emotional state of their chosen animal, such as becoming hyperactive due to a bunny otherkin.

One who can mentally shapeshift into animals.

Other otherkins could be a fictional character, such as a vampire, or even a literary character such as Edward Cullen.

For more a more in-depth guide on otherkin, head this-a-way.


This is basically a fancy word for imaginary friends. A person who describes themselves as having headmates is saying that they have people living in their heads who they have conversations with. This is also totally not Dissociative Identity Disorder, or really a mental issue at all, according to people who claim to have headmates.

Multiple Systems
People who describe themselves as multiple systems (also known as multiples, multiplicity, plurals, alts, and many other names) take the idea of headmates one step further by believing that they actually have multiple people who make up their multiple personalities. So a person who describes themselves as a multiple system will likely refer to themselves as "they" because they believe they are multiple people. When they are acting as the personality of one of their headmates, they call this "fronting".
And, because that isn't already batshit insane enough, some multiple systems will have headmates who are animals, otherkin people, and, of course, fictional characters. Insane enough yet? No? Well you're in luck, because I've not even got to the people who believe they have galaxies, nebulae, universes, and other space shit, either in their "headspace" or as an otherkin. So some people will believe they are actually galaxies.

The state of only having one person in your head, as opposed to a multiple systems. Some claiming to have multiples can “lose” their multiples and become a singlet.


A trigger warning is a word, phrase, sound, picture, or some other thing that may "trigger" a person reading it. While trauma triggers are a real thing that people suffering from anxiety disorders or PTSD experience, when Tumblr claims to be "triggered" by something, they're probably bullshitting for attention or to shut down an argument.

Common trigger warnings (abbreviated "TW") are:

  • Rape
  • Rape Culture
  • Victim-blaming
  • Sexism
  • Death
  • Violence
  • Abuse
  • Self-harm
  • Suicide
  • Blood
  • Cheating
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Fat
  • Thin
  • Food
  • Spiders

As previously stated, trauma triggers are a legitimate concept in the real world, mainly applying to individuals suffering from PTSD, but also applicable to addictions, self-harm, eating disorders etc. The idea of these is that someone who has experienced trauma in their past will see something that reminds them of this and trigger a panic attack. However, Tumblr's use of the concept is attention seeking bullshit. No one has a panic attack because a blog makes them a bit upset.

In fact, in reality, many triggers are completely unrelated to the actual thing being discussed. For example, someone who has been raped may be triggered by a the type of carpet that was in the room at the time, because human memory is very associative. This makes the concept of trigger warnings pretty questionable, if well intentioned, from the get-go. Additionally, people who seriously suffer from trauma triggers and PTSD usually have to take certain precautions to prevent themselves from being triggered in their everyday lives. While some people can avoid the possibility of triggering others by watching their language or actions, other triggers simply cannot be helped, and are the sole responsibility of the triggered individual to maintain.

Pretty much all the trigger warnings you'll see on Tumblr are complete nonsense, though, as are any claims of being "triggered."

Here is a very in-depth post about what triggers really are by /u/bluetaffy.


You do not eat or drink anything that comes from an animal. A lot of vegans are just normal people who don't eat certain foods but a lot of the ones of Tumblr are... quite a bit more militant.

You believe that you are actually a different race/ethnicity than you were born with. Example: I, although seemingly a white male on the outside, am actually a Samoan princess on the inside.

Believing that, while perfectly normal on the outside, on the inside you are handicapped in some way. Example: I can walk. But really, on the inside I need to use a wheelchair to get around.

Saying you identify as an autistic person on the inside. Yes. Really.

One who does not feel. His/her/zhim feels, zhe can’t.

Crystal children
According to, The Crystal children began to appear on the planet from about 1990-2010, although a few scouts came earlier. Their main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. They’re people with auras or something like that.

Indigo Children
From the wiki:
Indigo Children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age theory, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities.


  • Androgynous: Not identifying as either male or female.

  • Aromantic: You are not romantically attracted to anyone. You can still form relationships, but the cutesy things contained in them have no interest for you.

  • Asexual: Not having a sexual attraction to anyone. Apparently capable of enjoying sex.

  • Autosexual: You are only sexually attracted to yourself.

  • CAFAB: Coercively Assigned Female At Birth. A term used by social justice warriors for, usually when an intersex child is assigned female gender.

  • CAMAB: Coercively Assigned Male At Birth. A term used by social justice warriors for, usually when an intersex child is assigned male gender.

  • Cisgender: Coming from the Latin term cis meaning "same", it means identifying as the same gender you were born with. As opposed to transgender.

  • Demiplatonic: You only feel friendship towards those who feel friendship towards you.

  • Demisexual: You are only sexually attracted to a person once you have an emotional relationship to them. Friendzone 101.

  • FAAB and FDAB: Female assigned (or designated) at birth due to the biological sex organs present.

  • FTMTF: Hell if I know. You are a female who identifies as a male, who in turn identifies as a female?

  • Genderescent (noun: genderessence): Non-white trans people. According to some blogs, "no, white people do not ever get to use this." So... yeah. Racism.

  • Genderfluid: You switch back and forth between identifying as a male or female.

  • Intersex, via MissMego: Having ambiguous genitalia, as in both male and female externally.

  • Lithromantic: The more terminal form of demisexual, this means you have an attachment to someone, either sexual or emotional, but you do not wish the attachment reciprocated.

  • MAAB and MDAB: Male assigned (or designated) at birth due to the biological sex organs present.

  • Pansexual: You can have a sexual attraction to anyone, regardless of their self identified gender, sex, or orientation.

  • Phallophile: You are sexually attracted to a penis.

  • PIV: Intercourse involving penetration of the penis into a vagina.

  • Podophile: You are sexually attracted to feet (not to be confused with pedophile).

  • Polysexual: An attraction to multiple genders or sexes. Like bisexual, but apparently more politically correct. Apparently, you can be attracted to multiple genders, but not all of them.

  • Pomosexual: You refuse to subscribe to any other labels that define sexuality. A label to shred all other labels by.

  • Skoliosexual: To have an attraction only to those who do not identify as either male or female. This can include the entire trans* umbrella, such as genderfluid, androgynous, intersex, and the like.

  • TERF: Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist. Radical feminists who believe that MtF trans people are just trying to invade womens safespaces and FtM trans people are gender traitors who just want to gain male privilege. Basically some of the most hateful people you'll find on tumblr.

  • Third Sex: You don’t identify as male or female, but as a third sex instead.

  • Trans: Anything falling under the category of trans, such as genderfluid, genderqueer, transexual, transvestite, etc.

  • Transgender: Coming from the Latin term trans meaning "opposite*, it means identifying as the opposite gender you were born with, as opposed to cisgender.

  • Truscum: A term that is applied to anyone (but especially transgendered folks) who say that gender/sex dysphoria plays a key role in being trans.

  • Two spirit: You function as both a male and female, including sexual activities. Traditionally used in Native American/ Aboriginal societies. as per /u/Vahnya.

  • Vaginophile: You are sexually attracted to a vagina.

It is important to note that TiA is not about discriminating against transgender individuals. We make fun of the extremism of some trans activists as well as activists for made up gender identities or orientations (e.g. pomosexual, demisexual, skoliosexual, etc) but we are not here to simply mock those with genuine gender dysphoria.


Discriminating against the disabled. Includes words such as fool, stupid, cripple, lame, idiot, and the like.

Liking parts of a certain culture without identifying as a person from that culture. Ex: Non Koreans shouldn’t like Gangnam Style.

Biotruths via Mahmoth
People not being naturally male/female just because they were born with the relevant chromosomes, genitals or other sexual characteristics.

You identify as your starting race (i.e. If you were to born to Irish, you yourself are Irish.)

Being cisgendered and discussing anything with a trans* person. Your cis opinion is not required.

An acronym meaning "Currently Non-Disabled Person." It is unknown if you identify as transabled if this tag goes away. More feels-based investigation is required.

An individual is oppressed in some ways and privileged in others.

Opposite of neckbeard, usually a radical feminist.

Male privilege
Males can do no good. Violence against males is good. Males have it incredibly easy. Males should die.

Being a man and trying to discuss anything with a female. You male opinion is not required.

Literally means “the hatred of women.” Bastardized by SRS and Tumblr to mean anyone saying anything that could possibly be remotely construed as offensive. Maybe.

Closely linking with the adjective form of misogyny, a neckbeard is one who wears a fedora, is incessantly pedantic, and is obviously a shitlord.

Oppression Olympics
The idea that some people attempt to claim mass amounts of discrimination in order to show how oppressed they are compared to others.

The idea that males run the entire society, thus all others should rise up against them. Related to male privilege.

Person of color.

Telling someone that what they are doing is wrong, even if that person is being rude/obnoxious/whatever.

One of the commons themes of SRS and Tumblr, it originally meant that those in a state of better well being should consider the feelings of others. Unfortunately, it has been bastardized by the groups into saying that if you are a member of a certain category. Check your privilege level here then you are awful.

Rape culture
Everything in culture, from media to authority figures, is saying that rape is ok.

Thin privilege
The idea that being thin is something given to people, and they shouldn’t try to make others feel bad for not attempting to be thin and healthy.

An acronym meaning “Straight Ablebodied White CiSgender Male.” Considered incredibly privileged.

One who obviously refuses to check his privilege, is a neckbeard, and is misogynistic.

Saying that “If she hadn’t been walking down a dark alley wearing nothing but her thong, she wouldn’t have been raped.” That’s victim shaming. Linked to rape culture.

Per ArchangelleRonJeremy:

Originally derived from slut-shaming, but can now be extended to any kind of negative attitude to any kind of negative behaviour. e.g. identity shaming, fat shaming, kink shaming, etc. Shaming people is a sign of Privilege™, and is of course a sign that you are Bad.

In SJW terms, systematic oppression against People of Colour™. What's that you say, the actual definition is simply discrimination against race? Shut the fuck up you oppressor.

A political belief where all classifications should be disregarded, whether age, sex , gender, humanity, anything.

Having preferential treatment for those who are citizens of an area.

Discrimination on the account of weight. Fat people suck, according to fatists.

Discrimination against heterosexuals.

Discrimination against people of other skin colors.

Someone who is a part of the PATRIARCHY whose only role is to OPPRESS the unprivileged non-elites.

Glorification of the military body.

Judging others based upon one’s own culture. As SJW’s would term it, just because American’s look down on murder, doesn’t mean it’s bad for other cultures to do it.

Discriminating against those are older.

Discriminating against those who are ugly.

A fear or hatred of other races.

In the SJW world, discriminating against those who do not have an organic body.


You believe you don’t need to eat. Instead, star particles from the universe nourish you. Adherents to this ideology are called breatharians.

(via /u/applec4ke) - Breatharianism is a concept, in which believers claim food and possibly water are not necessary, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana (the vital life force in Hinduism), or, according to some, by the energy in sunlight.

Pronoun usage
Since some do not identify as either male or female, some have decided to use other pronouns to describe themselves. Those in multiple systems will use “They”, “We”, or “Us”, while other examples are: Vroom, Xe, Ze, Zim, Hir, etc.

One who subscribes to the vampire culture,specifically the tenets of blood consumption.

Militant vegan term for the wonderful people who eat meat.

A term used to disregard biological and evolutionary theories or facts in order to justify SJW’s own viewpoints.

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