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More changs could start their own golden gigolo service through patreon for german gurls.

I'll probably do it myself as a side hustle although if I do, I'll do it within a short time frame lasting no more than a year or two.

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I live off a woman.... does that count?

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👍 It counts.

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yo find that old tiktok where that white bitch bought that chigga a car. that was good shit lmao

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Lol. I somewhat remember that. She bought him one of the latest models of acura at the time or some other fancy asian luxury car such as a lexus or it was probably a german car or even an okay quality american car like a corvette. I forgot the exact make of the vehicle but it was sexy shit for real what the wyte woman did for her am boifriend and now probably husband.

You should find it because I thought you were the dude who posted that in the subreddits esr or goldentruth. Maybe it was somebody else but it wasn't me who found that tiktok.

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Video's description box says,

The WMAF could never match this. The WMAF is losing to the AMWF. Swallow the blackpill.

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I remmeber on the old lookism forums, some guy snapped a pic of some Asian guy with two gfs he had in europe lol. i thought that was funny.

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why am i not surprised it's a full asian and not a hapa

the entire idea behind "rent a boyfriends" is associately exclusively with East Asia, so I'm not surprised that when women rent a boyfriend, (AKA pay a man for sex and love), he's East Asian.