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And who elected Caitlyn Johnstone the arbiter of who is allowed to fly the flag of "populism"?

She didn't, she (quite justifiably) accused both parties of practicing faux-populism

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Caitlyn Johnstone looks like a faux-populist to me. How can she prove that she's a genuine populist? How can she prove that her vision of populism is the right one? What makes her more trustworthy than any other aspiring demagogue?

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Ok, well I'll make sure nobody ever criticizes anyone else ever again, because we can't ever be certain they really hold the high ground

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To develop the idea a bit further, Johnstone wrote:

This is a perfect illustration of what right wing "populism" looks like in the 2020s: phony, manipulative talking points geared toward convincing war-weary red staters who lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep supporting war and militarism, but anti-wokely.

She also headlined her screed as "Right-Wing Populism is Fake and Stupid." That is to say, she wants to imply that Left-Wing Populism can be okay, provided it is the sort of left-wing activity of which Caitlyn Johnstone approves.