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This study concluded and went public early this July. If you look up some of these terms it makes a lot of sense with what we're seeing. I wonder if Newsom's injury might've been myasthenia gravis, or related, where there is no control over or paralysis of certain facial muscles.

So even with the order of magnitude or two underreporting they found some strong signals as far as auto immune diseases:

myasthenia gravis (ROR = 3.90, p < 0.001, 95% CI: 2.63-5.80)

Immune thrombocytopaenia (ROR = 26.83, p < 0.001, 95% CI: 16.93-42.54)

The third signal detected is Psoriasis, which is not a serious condition.

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The level where the greatest trouble is, however, is one level deeper than this study addresses. This study looks at VAERS data. It's a good start, and just this already demonstrates there is sufficient reason for immediate rejection of these therapies. Unfortunately, however, the group-think is now so profound that many of the true adverse events are not being reported by doctors who refuse to link the medical event to the vaccines. That makes it hard to know the value of this data, except that we can be confident a more accurate read of reality on the ground would be significantly worse than what is reported here. Even with that, what is reported here alone should raise way more hackles than it is doing. The medical community is failing tragically to serve health, having decided that not rocking the funding boat is more important than listening to what thousands of their patients are telling them. This is a story as old as humankind.