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This is exactly why saidit needs user blocking like reddit. Seems that most of the liveleak vomit is coming from a handful of users. I don't think they are breaking any rules, a block/ignore feature would allow them to stay here and keep pushing their shit without making the sub unusable for people like us.

Ultimately, I'd love to see the rules updated so that no link to a death that is verifiably older than a couple weeks would be allowed.

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I agree, people should at least take the effort to download the video from those sites and post a direct link, imo. That way there'd also be an alt link in case the video gets deleted (wouldn't be the first time on LiveLeak). Nothing wrong with posting the source in the comments because sometimes there might be an article on the source page or something.

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They're lazy and they just want "karma".. Honestly most of these posters with LiveLeak post very recycled stuff.