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Yup, that was me. If you want all the files directly, I can probably put up a torrent or something. It's ~250 GB though, that's why I haven't uploaded it anywhere yet.

I was writing a webpage for browsing the archive, with search/other features, that's not done yet though since I haven't touched it in a while. There's a static page with all the links and stuff here though:

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much appreciated for this archive, I've gone through a huge portion of it off and on again ever since r/wpd died. A couple things I miss are:

  • not having RES so I can view inline as opposed to clicking the title for every post. Is there anyway to apply reddit forum theme or whatever like like how saidit and other forum sites use the same one as reddit's? What exactly is happening where these sites are using the same design/frontend/backend/idk?

  • do the comments, metadata (e.g., upvote count), etc. from the original wpd posts exist anywhere or is it just the title and link to content?

  • how were you able to archive wpd in the first place?

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  • It's not really feasible to add RES to this. I did start rewriting this so that it wasn't just pregenerated pages, had search functionality, etc. but I haven't finished it so far.
  • The comments and other meta do exist, yes. This page doesn't display them, but the rewrite I mentioned does, at least the comment count, not the actual comments yet. But I do have the data.
  • I pulled most of the data from, and some comes from my reddit bot I had running for a couple months.