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As I know some people will ask what he said in the non-violent video I'll translate, btw I'm from Brazil so it's pretty close to what they were talking in the video

The slang PCCuizada is used by guys from CV (Comando Vermelho), another crime organization here in Brazil. They are in a war with PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital) and this crime happened because of that.

Guy1: The people in your facebook page, your friends, where are they?

Victim: They are in jail man (gets knifed), I'm speaking the truth

Guy 1: Common, talk. Talk now.

Victim: I'll get you guys there

Guy 1: I'll open you up

Victim: I'll get you guys there

Guy 1: I'll open you up

Victim: I'll get you guys there

Guy 1: I'll open you up

Guy 2: Shut the fuck up, cover his mouth.

Victim: I'll get you guys there, Please

Guy 1: I'll open you up if you don't say something.

Victim: I'll talk man, I'm telling you

Guy 1: I'll take your heart out of your body if you don't talk.

Victim: I'll talk man,

Guy 1: So talk to us, open your heart (ok this must be ironic)

Guy 3(?): Yep dude

Victim: Are you going to let me go?

Guy 1: Depends, I already talked with you for hours.

Victim: What you guys wanna know, you can ask me and I'll tell you

Guy 2: TALK

Guy 1: Common, where are the PCCUzaiada guys?

Victim: The only guy I know is..

Guy 1: This little knife here you know, let me tell you the truth

Victim: You guys are looking for jeffinho and some name

Guy 2: But you said you didn't know jeffinho

Victim: I just saw him on the streets (trying to say he doesn't know him by talking to him, only saw jeffinho)

Guy 1: I'll rip your beating heart out and you'll see me taking your heart out.

Guy 3: Are you thinking we're soft around here?

Guy 1: You'll see me taking your heart out

Victim: Common man, don't do that

Guy 3: We don't let things go around here dude, not on my block fella

Guy 1: You gonna see me taking your heart out

Guy 2: Look, this is his cellphone

Guy 3: What about it?

Guy 2: it's unlocked

Guys 3: It's unlocked? Let me see it