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Watching reddit die is like watching the slowest trainwreck in history. I am amazed at how slowly it is falling apart compared to's decay. I guess the subreddit system is compartmentalizing the damage somewhat. But now there are very few good subreddits left

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Like watching a very fascinating slow-mo trainwreck lol. I've been on Reddit for a long time. Favorite Reddit year is probably 2008.. that might have possibly been it's peak year, just before it started to decline. I feel that it's one thing to censor.. delete.. and ban these subs.. but gosh.. I think the worst part is actually the Reddit community. Since when did they turned into a bunch of wussies worried about what's PC? If you can't handle the internet, don't get on. Stop trying to change everyone's personalities. I legitimately feel the pressure on my skull of them trying to brainwash me. I refuse.

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The bigger they are, the bigger (or slower) the crash. :)

I only look at a few subreddits now, but only as long as the old site design exist.

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Reddit's no fun anymore :(

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like when some catastrophe happens in a movie and time slows down


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I quit Faggit yesterday, after many years of fun shitposting. This site is tiny by comparison, but I refuse to give Big China any more time.


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I also feel that way. I'm hardly on Reddit now.

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I am SO DONE with that feminized, sanitized, cucked site. Saidit is da fyucha.