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It is a common propaganda trick.
1. Use actors and astroturfing.
2. Pretend that you are in the minority.
3. Target the group that is most resistant.

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Reddit is a blatant psyop. The entire site exists for the sole purpose of pressuring what few non-bot unique users frequent the site, to conform to the herd mentality. As the user base grows here at Saidit I expect the same will happen here. Brigades, trolls and Sock's puppets abound. If you consider yourself a free and independent netizen you can fight the disgusting plague that Reddit represents by, never self censoring, always speaking your truth regardless of the forum, and speaking out so that others may do the same.

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r/Conservative is quite liberal too.

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Not enough for the reddit mods. 50% of the posts on AgainstHateSubs (the sub that snitches for the site-wide mods) is about /r/conservative. They seem to think that every time a conservative says 'maybe trump was right to build a wall to stop child traffickers (and women crossing the boarder from getting raped)' they blow their lid and scream about how this has to be racist against latinos, or whatever it is that twists their panties. Idgaf anymore.

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entire site hijacked by AI bots

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Taken over by commies.

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Reddit has been banning and censoring any right wing opinion and subreddit for the last 3 years.

There's nearly no right wing people who waste time on reddit anymore since they know it will be censored.

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I swear half the internet is just chat bots these days. And with the release of GPT-3 (google it), and the subsequent exclusive license granted to microsoft, it would be impossible to tell.

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NPC theory to its finest.

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I'm still mad I missed out on getting my throw-away (only) twitter account banned when they raged at the NPC meme. Better days.

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The gpt3 influence is strong here at saidit. Socks, nemocolin and a slew of sock puppet account reek of ai regressive linguistics.

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Quit making so much goddamn sense. It's unappealing to my knee-jerk reaction filters!

At first I was just going to point out how 'reddit' has become like it's own language, on the order of 'British' English. Guy there is speaking fluent reddit.

Then this quote below appeared and I remembered it's an entirely different reality.

I have spent my 40+ years watching one side (the left) show tremendous empathy to the other. I've seen them reach out to try and work together. I've seen compromise and cede ground on issues big and small. I've also seen one side consistently throw that spirit back in their face with increasingly bizarre and destructive hate. I grew up in the south and my entire life has been filled with conservatives whose entire identity is consumed by hating Democrats. Not leftist policies. Not even the politicians that represent them. No.. quite literally hating the other half of the people who make up this country.

Until 2016 the left by and large just took it.. and we continued to swing harder and harder right as a nation. We've had schoolboards taken over in the name of creationism. We've had courts packed with anti-abortion judges. We've seen the discourse on the right degrade into QAnon and Jewish space lasers. Don't hand me this both sides bullshit. If the left hates the right it's because the right has treated the left with utter contempt for at least 4 decades and we're absolutely tired of it.

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All the real Libertarians went to /r/goldandblack after /r/politics invaded them.

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April 1st posting