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Reddit is for the far left now.

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Who could possibly have a positive opinion of a tranny?

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She didn't like her kid when they were just a boring gay though

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Posts that could even possibly be construed as less than worship of the Amazing, Valid, and Highly Attractive trans community will be removed.

Last time I was in the Rulag (6months ago) there was a joke post quote; “How you would feel if your girlfriends dick was bigger than yours?” The comments were pretty funny, I left one saying we had about 2 hours before it was pulled, but I was wrong! We actually only had about 30 mins before the trans police arrived to remove any fun we may have possibly been having.

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non-woke trumptards will be erased. you will be sent to a place where starvation is the daily lesson.

in the new work camps, inmates will spend their days flogging each other.

or, you may learn to become more woke and you will live under the heavy handed rule of BARDFINN.

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If you want to improve the situation, you'd (all) best get your shit together and arrange your thoughts in a bulletproof and airtight fashion.

Writing blather about "the transgenders" is utterly pointless, and almost makes me want to side with Reddit.

Learn to separate IDEAS from PEOPLE. All ideas are up for debate. Ideas don't have rights, people do. Be specific in your objections to the ideas (there's plenty of gender cult nonsense to object to!) but avoid attacking groups of people as a whole, or else you'll have the virtue signalling army shutting you down, and they might even have a point.

Gather your words and choose them carefully. We need to combat the insanity with precise reason.

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We need to combat the insanity with precise reason.

Mammals cannot 'change their sex', no matter how much surgery and rearranging of body tissue is performed on them.

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I agree with your sentiment but this particular issue is so chaotic and far reaching... it’s my opinion that part of the refutation of this particularly nasty brand of gender ideology has to do with the calibre of the people contained within it.

Is the idea dumb? 100% but people don’t care about facts, people don’t care about logic. You can yell that sex change isn’t possible and the people doing the transing don’t give two hoots. It’s at that point I don’t think we can ignore that there are several personal failing that crop up with alarming frequency in trans communities. Sexual abuse, pedophillia, the grooming of teens and children, other co-morbidities like obvious narcissism, as well as transitioning to gain solical/political/athletic clout etc.

Those things aren’t precise but they are repeating patterns and they’re worthy of note to me, but I do agree that they are extremely difficult to argue on, as the whole topic has become.

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I got banned for asking how can a man know what it feels like to be a woman if he has never had the experience of being a female

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the more i got into these online forums, the more i notice how everybody says they're open-mided and in the mean time banning everybody that does not agree with them.

'half the people can be part right some of the time. all people can be part right some of the time. but all people cannot be all right all the time.'

then bob dylan adds 'i'll let you be in my dream if i get to be in yours.'

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got a removereddit link?