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Reddit is trash

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Reddit stopped being a useable site in 2015. Now it's as you describe.

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Yes, that's when it shit the bed.

Though r/Politics was bad for many years. And r/Music was sub 60 for a while as well.

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Reddit took a hard shift from being content - centered to being profile/karma-centered. Then somewhere during this the people holding the keys were either bribed or blackmailed into becoming a propaganda & influencer machine. Sad. Shitty. RIH.

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I hopped onto reddit after digg rotted out and slashdot had turned into a corporate owned hot mess.

It was fun for quite a few years, then once they got a taste of serious money and fame, it all started going to hell.

That's just the way it goes. Like back in 88-92 Rush Limbaugh was mostly fun to listen to, bullshit, but entertaining bullshit. Then he started to take himself seriously, cranking out books, doing shameless political shilling, etc. From there it went from suck to blow pretty quickly and was unlistenable.

But, I was busy with the whole college thing back then, so I didn't worry about it too much. While learning how to twiddle electrons at a university off the Dead Cedar, a writer of subversive books for loompanics and technical manuals for Mitsubishi introduced me to the whole libertarian party thing. But it turns out he wasn't the only libertarian or anarchist in my circle of friends.

So down the rabbit hole of fringe politics I went, as well as real world politics when I got my first technical job. My boss had been one of the key campaign people for a certain infamous Michigan senator in her younger days. Her daughter was pretty hardcore libertarian, my co-workers, sorta right leaning, anarchist, one I think was a religious nihilist, so political discussions were fairly amusing around there.

Of course the USENET early IRC, you could chat with every fringe religion, fringe political beliefs, every flavor of outcast and weirdo, they were all finding each other around the world.

Then USENET got choked to death with spam, and various internet connected BBSs started to pop up. Then at some point you didn't need to telnet into a BBS. You could hook up via a web forum, and it was off to the races. Slashdot, Digg, Fark, TOTSE, all sorts of fun stuff. The golden age of libertarian code geeks pioneering a new world.

And then the AOL crowd discovered it, and ran it into the fucking ground. :D Well, not really. There was every kind of dot.bomb, crazy assed blue sky projects pissing away investment cash at crazy burn rates, it was fun, but if you liked a site, it was probably doomed in 3-4 years when the money ran out and the ad spam started choking everything to death.

Late 2001 came, and over the cliff all of it went. Sort of. Lots of people twiddling on lots of forums, lots of crazy games, myspace was heating up, and "free internet" services were popping up, choking with ad spam, and then dying.

Then came the golden age of DISHNET emulation hacks. Helping mobs of Canadians horn in on our sweet sweet USian satellite TV services. Mostly though, it was something to do for all the people twiddling because the economy crashed and burned. Engineers and coders need something to do to keep amused. And it's not like cracking C band KU band, and older satellite services was much of a challenge. Or much reward if it was only so many channels on one bird. But 250 channels per bird, more if they were primestar crap resolution. What's on all those hidden channels?

The horror! The Horror! thousands of rebroadcast TV stations from all across the US. Inaccessible due to stalled legislation, etc, etc. Unless you had the master keys to the whole works. :D Was it worth the hours of effort put in? Meh, probably not. Still, I was not aware of all the boring clone TV stations across the US. thousands of channels, all spewing the same TV news programs, the same ads with different localizations. But it was a foreshadowing of things to come on the interwebs.

Tens of thousands of BBSs, local internet groups, all were merging onto bigger and bigger platforms on the world wide web. Which meant, the various political pressure groups started pushing harder and hard to horn in on these things.

Can't have all that unchecked libertarianism, anarchism, what have you going on out there. Especially not after all the free staters actually started making their moves to new hampshire. And then the fringe groups who had various western states enclaves going.

Then came, the golden age of podcasting. Pretty much anything goes. Until it didn't. First the pirate sites got knocked out, and some of the more out there racial politics groups got bumped from one place to the next. Then the porn sites. More and more forums for "thoughtcrimes" and perversions went unindexed, then encrypted.

But not to worry, there was now webcasting! 240p and millions and millions of people to try and influence. I think this gets us close enough to current day for people to see the trend lines. ;)

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What would you say if I told you all forums have issues?

But yes, reddit has particularly gone downhill.

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I'm sure they do. Moderators are humans and I'm sure I would have biases as a moderator, but not as bad as those I've encountered, who are a nasty combo of power-tripping and dumbfucks.

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Consider reddit as doing you a big a dope dealer deciding you're a narc, and refusing to sell to you. Now get clean, or at least find a better supplier that's not a leftard loser. Plenty of competitors. Saidit. Mewe. Voat. 8kun. Ruqqus. Poal. Gab. Maybe others I don't know about.

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It's frustrating. A small group of lunatics were following me around the site for a while. I've also had problems there although nothing like what you describe.

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Before I was totally blocked, I was shadowbanned in a sub I made contributions to, but the moderator was an actual sociopath who regularly mocked posters in a sub where teenagers and people were posting their faces and asking for help, the plastic surgery sub. As tactless, rude, and perormatively nasty as possible.

And he was a stupid person who gave shit advice, on top of it. I've never met someone I was so sure I wanted to throttle IRL.

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I think now its mostly overrun with gen z and late millennials and they are all a bunch of narcissist cry babies.

I got down voted to hell last week for not understanding why people would complain about having to socialize at a dinner party. Apparently the host invited friends who the first guy didn't know and that was anxiety inducing and made the host an asshole. Fuck her for cooking for hours and giving you free food and booze, she's an asshole for making you talk to people at a dinner party?

If you cant socialize don't go to a fucking dinner party. Someone else compared that statement to date rape. I was piled on and insulted but somehow im the one whos comments , which included passive aggressiveness but not one insult, were removed and i was banned.

I swear most people on reddit, mods included, are miserable teens now who all claim they have anxiety, autism or they are trans or all three. The rest are bots and karma farmers and the smallest group are actually adults with critical minds who are wondering wtf they even bother going on reddit. For me its nostalgia I think from the start of reddit when it was actually a fun place.

Meanwhile you often see circle jerking "oh i am so much happier when i deleted my social media like facebook and instagram and twitter". Like mate you're posting on reddit where the "conversations" have grown worse than facebook and facebook does not permaban people over stupid shit. You can also completely control what you see on insta and facebook unlike reddit where you go to a sub about tomatoes and get banned because someone made a joke that tomatoes can't identify as bananas and you just upvoted it or posted in a completely unrelated sub about zucchinis and that is also a crime now.

The site should just shut down its a cesspool.