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I'd say the most popular subs and the politics related ones are pretty saturated with bots and idiots. Some of the more niche ones related to hobbies and things like that are still cool. All of the city and state subs seem to be taken over by bots.

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I noticed this too.. Which proves the point that those are just trolls/bots. Smaller, topic oriented subs are not affected by the current wave.

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I only visit the conspiracy sub. But yes you are right. Reddit is trash now.

They censor 100% if you don't go along with the narrative in the big subs and full of bots and idiots but mostly bots.

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I also only really visit /r/conspiracy and /r/conspiracy_commons as well, 99% of the subreddits are absolute garbage now. I'd say probably 60% of reddit posts and comments are bots or shills.

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I'm surprised to see people say this this because that seems like the most obvious sub to infiltrate. In fact I abandoned it pretty quickly after dipping my toe in.

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Oh they're very infiltrated too. The only difference is the actual truth is allowed to exist on those ones, but it's literally deleted on 99% of other subreddits. If you're able to dig through the noise and find the gems, it's worth it.

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Someone over there suggested that reddit should use a upvote/downvote as separate counters so that the bots/cancel-manipulators cannot shut down/nullify postings and commenters (ie the -4 default collapsing and minus counts restriction comment postings)

a sort by "controversial" would be there to turn up the disputed items for those who want to look at them

But then, I dont think such fairness or free-speech enabling is part of the agenda of the people who run/own it.

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how many are real? 20% maybe ?

i think much of the 'second comments' are bots patting the npcs on the back for 'speaking as they want'

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Even if they're humans, they're still bots.

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If it's so obvious and easy to make that comment you quoted look dumb then why didnt u bother doing it yourself in this post? The comment seems right to me on the surface though i admit i'm no expert. But i suspect you're deep in some stupid contrarian internet rabbit hole.

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First off, who is saying russias invasion isn't war? And who is saying sanctions are war?

It a strawman argument.

But i suspect you're deep in some stupid contrarian internet rabbit hole.

One need not crawl into a hole to realize that living in the west the near totality of war propaganda you get will be western war propaganda. If you are not questioning everything related to the war, especially claims of war crimes, evil acts, cowardice on russias part or heroic and brave stories about Ukraine then you are a very dim bulb.

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That's the post and comment this post is referring to. So the obvious implication of this title "Kremlin official says West has declared 'total war' on Russia" is that Kremlin isn't the instigator of war but the west has instigated war on them. The west is doing everything in it's power to hurt russia WITHOUT getting into war with russia, that's the whole point. So there's obviously a ton of irony in that claim the Kremlin is making. The title is just begging for people to point out that irony which everybody is doing, if you look around at the other top comments theyre all saying the same thing, pointing out how that's ironic.

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I'd just get banned

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why didnt u bother doing it yourself in this post (as in here on saidit)

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Do what?

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Thanks for proving my point

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It's not only Reddit, 4chan also died because of trolls/bots.. Those were the only social places for me.. Say anything that questions the western narrative in both and you get your statement removed and yourself banned.. I left voluntarily.. A lot of us started searching for alternative smaller communities like Saidit.. I rarely disagree with stuff here but when I do it always feels civil normal disagreement between humans.

The only social places / news sources now for me and everyone around here are a couple of telegram channels & SaidIt.. I will look for something else if those will go to shit too.

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Besides bots which Google recently unveiled that they create these type of smart AI algorithms to promote debate, activity and reactions. Alot of the bots are actually verified accounts to make it look legit.

I know back in 2011 The Government was creating a similar software to release propaganda - but things have upgraded nicely since those times.

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I don't see anything wrong with that redditor's comment, he/she is right.

Are you some russian shill or what?