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They're just spinning. Anyone who knows their shit can easily fool the system well enough to get past such things but it's a pointless waste of time as they'll just spam report and ban you anyway if they don't like what you are saying. The biggest change reddit made was that you can derail threads by blocking people and prevent them from replying to anyone in a comment chain below you even if they are replying to someone else. You'll notice recently far less back and forth or discussion on many threads.

I think Reddit is largely sanitizing and trying to make it corporately approved and friendly. This will ultimately mean that any kind of free discussion will be eliminated. Companies are going to try to control their own special interest subreddits, say a movie studio controls /r/marvel and will simply use it as advertising and hype vehicle. Or perhaps they will engage in competition by starting a /r/marvelsucks to push DC shit instead. Dunno. Don't care. No point in reading endless pages of "omg I'm so hyped." Over and over again peppered with the occasional real person writing "I think this movie sucked" before 5 billion people chime in to tell them why their opinion is wrong and you totally should go out and see the best movie ever conveniently out in theaters now!

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Yeah that's some interesting points brought up and it's both sad and terrifying that this is the direction that they want to go in. It's bad enough they're aligned with the CCP (Tencent) and a liberal/left-leaning media company. The death knoll would definitely be the day we start seeing subreddits maintained by 'approved' staff who're just studio puppets trying to pretend they're hip with the Reddit crowd. It'll be hilariously embarrassing but I can't think of a worse fate for a so-called "free expression" of a site like reddit, than for it to go through those changes.

And they'll lose their numbers rapidly until that's all that they have left is advertisers.

Hopefully they'll come here, where we're waiting just to tell them "we fucking told you so, for so long, you stupid fuckers".

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I don't think they're worried about bans at all, because I think their goal is to have bots, and shills only posting there. Normies are to watch, read and observe only. I also think that advertising isn't their model. They're getting paid by shady interests who are paying for the privilege of getting their messages out.

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I wish someone instead just attacks Reddit's servers to make sure they're forever offline

I would love this

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Well, they got hacked now :P

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They did?

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So fat, lazy, uneducated moderators of Reddit.

How can OP say such a horrible thing to these wonderful admins as for bans. I've been banned 100s of times and still post.

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Oh, same here too, I know what you mean.

I've forgotten when it was I even joined Reddit, but it felt like at least 3 - 4 years ago. I've been alt-cycling since.

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I started in 2008, had no idea it was called alt-cycling.

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Initial feedback from our beta subreddits

The jokes write themselves.

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reddit died with aaron schwartz on January 11, 2013, sorry you are just now finding out...

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At least it only looks back a year at the very worst.