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While I doubt this would happen, I would love to see Michael Bay take on the narratives of people involved with other CIA projects like MKUltra. Many of the researchers and workers involved had no idea what their work was being used for (many were researching cures for things like headaches), or what was being done to them.

This oppressive, compartmentalized sort of info-suppression microcosm portrayed in 13-hours is exactly what people on the outskirt of other CIA projects experienced historically:

...Taking advantage of this arrangement, Gottlieb created a hidden CIA enclave inside Camp Detrick. His handful of CIA chemists worked so closely with their comrades in the Special Operations Division that they became a single unit.

Some scientists outside the tight-knit group suspected what was happening. “Do you know what a ‘self-contained, off-the-shelf operation’ means?” one of them asked years later. “The CIA was running one in my lab. They were testing psychochemicals and running experiments in my labs and weren’t telling me.”