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There's too many people there, at least on the popular subs. How the hell are you supposed to make sense of thousands of comments in thousands of posts every day? Not to mention sorting through garbage meme and shitposts that only kids would find interesting or funny.

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A life-raft. Nice!

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Yes yes yes.

To those still wasting your time on 'mainstream' sites please stop. There's really no reason to waste your time there anymore, unless you're relentlessly pumping truth. Which will likely be censored..... Ya see?

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I remember around when covid first started youtubers couldn't say the word covid or pandemic, or they'd get demonetized, which seemed odd because that was even if they were talking about pro establishment talking points about covid. I wondered why they couldn't talk at all about this huge thing happening to the world in reality. I guess it was necessary to stop all talk of it to control the narrative in the early days.

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That's an interesting theory, and I'll bet it's right. Narrative control is what everything's about nowadays, and this seems to be a topic that requires strenuous control to keep the establishment talking points from unravelling.