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All this is based on climate models that don't hold up whenever you extend the date ranges to the past. So why exactly should we use them to predict the future?

By FAR the greatest contributor of climate change by a HUMONGOUS margin is the Sun. So-called "climate scientists" work really hard at avoiding this truth, but it's getting increasingly difficult to do so.

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Did you know the insects are vanishing?


People bicker and argue about global warming and what should be done about it and if it even exists, but climate change is only one of the many ways our biosphere is moving toward death.


And nothing’s being done about global warming anyway.


Meanwhile methane—a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon in the short term—has started hemorrhaging into the atmosphere from thawing arctic permafrost, and no one really knows what to do about it


That’s all on top of the western empire ramping up world-threatening aggressions against both nuclear-armed Russia and nuclear-armed China simultaneously


So our species is facing existential threats on myriad fronts which could easily lead to horrifying extinction-level events that we could easily see unfold in our own lifetimes.

And it’s just so very strange how we don’t talk about that more.

It’s like if you knew you had a deadly but treatable disease, and not only did you not pursue treatment, you also didn’t think about it much and didn’t talk about it with anyone.


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sounds like fear mongering

if it really was that dangerous the rich elites would stop polluting

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It's a hell of a lot less dangerous for the rich elites than for everybody else.

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That's a bunch of talk about methane leaking and an extinction level event. I doubt all that. Climate change will lead to more storms, sea levels rising a little, things like that, which do hurt the poor. I don't think that's so bad though. They will try to be refugees and come here but the answer to that is a wall.

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By just observing throughout my life, I see significantly less bugs now than I did decades ago. I don’t think it’s fearmongering and baseless.

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well that's good we need less especially ticks and mosquitoes

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If you want to be optimistic, sure. However, that means the earth is out of balance. If we keep swinging, it’s hard to say how far it will go and how destructive to human life it will be.

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Gotta kill all deer too, the ticks are spread by them. I used to be all support the animals but now I'm not. Too dangerous.

We probably see less insects because of urbanization, they need trees and forests and swamps to live in.