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He first made headlines for working more than 280 days straight at the start of the pandemic, and now, Dr. Joseph Varon is still counting.


"We offer a treatment that we know makes a difference in the outcome of patients with COVID," said Varon, the chief of critical care at United Memorial Medical Center.


He says hundreds of COVID patients, from across the U.S and Mexico have transferred to him coming in by ambulance, medical flight, helicopter and even personal car.


Co-developed with four other colleagues, he said they use steroids, vitamins, blood thinners and ivermectin.

"We use ivermectin in conjunction with all these agents and then we use zinc, we use melatonin," says Varon.

While Varon does not have UMMC's 2021 data, he said the hospital is seeing high success rates among COVID patients, "Our published mortality, which we published for 2020 was 4.4% when the rest of the country was 25%."

Funny how they forgot to mention the overall group, which is of course the FLCCC, or even, you know, link to the protocols and mention early treatment, but hey, at least they covered the story and allowed one occurrence of 'ivermectin'.