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I read a lot of different viewpoints on quite a range of online publications. And I'm seeing a lot of unqualified support for RFK Jr. from people I would not have expected. Far, far right people. He does have enough crossover appeal to win, if he can get on the ballot, and if those ballots are actually counted.

As they say, in times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. So RFK Jr is a revolutionary.

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RFK is sadly controlled opposition. He isn't a revolutionary.

He pays lipservice to the anti covid voting block (most normal people), but COVID is over. It doesn't hurt the system. Seriously, think about it. There is nothing revolutionary about being against the covid show. It is like DeSantis saying men are men, like WOW, what a great politician. This is where we are at. People will vote for so weak candidates because the alternative is so much worse.

But the thing all the politicians have in common, DeSantis, Biden, Trump, RFK, you name it, is their dying support for Israel and the jews. You will NEVER have any changes in these systems without naming the jew.

RFK wont name the jew. He is in favor of their jewish supremacy and the institutional systems that keep them in positions of power. The jews own the banks, the media, the stock exchanges, the social media, etc. And no one can even as much as challenge them. Why is Elon Musk crying about woke ESG scores? Because the jew Larry Fink from BlackRock is forcing all companies to submit to jewish political interests. That is what wokeism is.

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What is your issue with "the jew" that a generic observation or somebody in particular?

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I am against judeo-capitalist usury, I am against judeo-porno industry (sex trafficking of children and women etc), I am against covid, I am against their rigged wall street finance system, I am against their jewish wars in the middle east, I am against their mass immigration to ruin White nations, I am against their outsourcing of production in white nations to nonwhite nations simply to exploit small children and abuse their poor working conditions, I am against the historical jewish slavery of blacks, I am against the jewish censorship on social media etc.

They also murdered Jesus.

But most of all I am against their racism and them thinking they're Gods chosen race and that the rest of Humanity is here to serve them as if we were cattle to be exploited like their holy scriptures say.

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Some of the people doing that happen to have Jewish ancestry, but by now they're just pagans and Satan worshipers. Some of the staunchest allies against Zionism and Globalism are Haredi Jews, you know, the ones that actually follow all the rules. Most Zionist Jews are just white European colonizers.

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They were Satan worshipers from the beginning. This is what Jesus called them in John 8:44 and in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. They are the synagogue of Satan.

Jesus rebelled against these talmudic "jews" and said that God was for everyone, not for the jew only. The jews murdered him for that, because they believe themselves to be superior to everyone else and they hate Christianity because the idea that God is for everyone is repugnant to them. THEY are the chosen race. Haredi jews don't follow all the rules, they follow the talmud which is the book of Satan. This book is one of the most racist books ever written, so they are in no way our "allies". They just disagree with the other jews about how best to rule over the goyim, their cattle, us.

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I find it hilarious that the Romans are blame free in all of this. They were actual pagans, they actually thought they were superior to everyone else, and they were the actual money grubbing creditor class that literally squeezed people so hard they had to sell themselves into slavery. And of course they actually killed Jesus.

Well what can I say. This mental illness you have is being used to discredit any nascent populist movement in this country. You will never ever be a threat to the ruling order, because, just as the Nazis before you, you are doing the ruling order's bidding.

But hey if you want to cling to this loser ideology I won't get in your way.

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Are you jewish if I may ask?

And of course they actually killed Jesus.

No. The Romans did not. The jews did. It's written in the bible. The jews said the blood would be on them and their children.

You will never ever be a threat to the ruling order

I already am. Naming the jew is the biggest threat to their power. That's why Hitler made them wear yellow stars. So that they cannot hide when they try to subvert others.

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No, I'm black. I've been to plenty of mitvahs tho

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I spend a lot of time reading over at, and your logic (and language) is not surprising to me, I understand what you're saying. I am, however, not willing to blame 'the jews' for all that is wrong with the world today. I am more inclined to blame Anglo disease, with 'the jews' (meaning Jewish control of banking and media in the anglosphere) being just a subset of that great evil empire.

USA was an evil empire long before a bunch of Jewish neo-cons took control of US foreign policy. And banksters have been evil since Babylonian times. 'The Jews' are simply a smallish subset of an ethno-religious culture that has taken advantage of weakness in this empire at a fortuitous moment in time (for them), when that empire began to collapse on itself under the weight of selfish individualism and piracy.

But USA/UK remain oligarchies, and the defining characteristic of oligarchies is that they have competing factions. The Jews are not the only gang in town.

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Are people forgetting that Ron Unz is himself Jewish? How far does the conspiracy go??? lol

I tried already. It's almost impossible to get anywhere with these race essentialists. They have no idea that they're the ones doing the bidding of these international banking institutions they say they hate so much, because they're unwilling or unable to align along class interests. They're cucks for the Globalists, just like the NSDAP.

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And banksters have been evil since Babylonian times

Interestingly, the jews holy book is called the babylonian talmud. Take a guess why?

when that empire began to collapse on itself under the weight of selfish individualism and piracy.

Interesting timing, right? The jews got into power and the empire starts collapsing, almost a coincidence.

USA was an evil empire long before a bunch of Jewish neo-cons took control of US foreign policy.

The jews took over the US more than 100 years ago, and increasingly so since WWII.

But USA/UK remain oligarchies

And they're all, more or less, married into jewish families now. This is because the jews kept their ethnocentrism and racism, but taught the elite goyims to be individualists and anti racists. Welcome to the new world. We are no longer in the 1800s that you describe.

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Was it The Jews who colonized India and killed +100M people?

The mold was already set. Were there Jewish banksters in the 18th century? Sure. But it takes more than that to destroy an ancient civilization and rob them blind.

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Would you please read this?

Was it The Jews who colonized India and killed +100M people?

It probably was, although I haven't researched this area myself, so I can't say that with confidence. Did you research jewish involvement with this?

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So I read your link. Kinda wish I hadn't. That was insane.

Good conspiracy theories contain little kernels of truth that can be verified, but the narrative constructed on top of those few kernels of truth is largely built by unverifiable lies, and that chronology is no exception.

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That was insane.


by unverifiable lies

Which ones?

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Rather than blanket blaming all Jews, as many on SaidIt and beyond do, I prefer to be more specific and blame the globalist Zionist ruling class banksters (that happen to be dominated by "Jews", who may or may not really be Jewish, using group identities as a human shield). They are bigger than just that tribe, including all faiths and ethnicities, and dominate all nations, including USA, China, and Russia.

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"The Jews" have also historically been the activists and the ones to speak out against people in power i.e. Media Benjamin, Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Dennis Bernstein, Abbie Hoffman, Amy Goodman, etc.

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Because the jews control both sides. On one end you have Bernie Sanders, a jew, and on the other you have Ben Shapiro, the jew. Pick your poison.

You don't like youtube, because it is jewish? How about trying the alternative odysee? That's also jewish.

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It's not "control" when you're confronting power like Media Benjamin.

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Controlled opposition - who don't question the taboo topics.

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Chomsky and Goodman both support the official 9/11 narrative and thus serve the elites

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I am more inclined to blame Anglo disease, with 'the jews' (meaning Jewish control of banking and media in the anglosphere) being just a subset of that great evil empire.

There's also the possibility that those in power are using "Jewishness" as a shield to protect them. Any criticism, any pointing out that they even exist, can be tarred with the concept of "antisemitism."

And then some people do not notice this and go headlong into full blown antisemitism.

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You are almost correct. These elite "jews" say they are jews and are not but do lie.
This is in the bible and Jesus called them out 2000 years ago and he was crucified by the jews for speaking the truth about them. If you read revelation 2:9 or 3:9 in the Bible he says exactly what you're saying.

Rev 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Your explanation is a cope however to deal with the cognitive dissonance of the fact that our elite is almost entirely jewish, which you've been taught is a "conspiracy theory" or "hateful" etc so even acknowledging facts about jews has become toxic in your mind, so much so that you feel the need to create elaborate wild crazy theories about them calling themselves jews as a shield.

It's not complicated. They just are jews and they worship Satan. No crazy theory required to explain reality. No reptilians. Just early life sections

And if you oppose them, they will destroy your life. You wont get your life destroyed by opposing zionism or reptillians or bankers. But name those in power and you will feel the full force of the oppressive system you're enslaved in.

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Beg to differ on the pandemic front when TPTB are already telepraphing the next outbreak for 2025 and they will try and tell you that it will effect children the most. They shot their shot on Covid and did not get the total social control they wanted so of course these psychos are going to take another swing at it. Bending the knee to Israel is concerning for sure, but maybe it's some Godfather " keep your enemies close" ploy. We'll have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

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Behind every lie in society is a jew.

The covid agenda was jewish. The CDC was full of jews, pfizer is jewish, they closed down moms and pops but kept their international bigcorps open, etc.

Do you remember the Gym owner that went viral, because he refused to close down his gym? He is fully jewpilled now. Everyone who actually resists against the system will get to know how the system actually works.

but maybe it's some Godfather " keep your enemies close" ploy.

This is cope. I know because I used to avoid acknowledging Jewish power, both for personal reasons but also because of the social sigma surrounding it, it is simply too much to bear to accept this truth, so we invent rationalizations to justify our selves as to why we don't have to accept reality. It is much easier to say "we'll wait and see" or "it is the reptilians controlling the jews" or "they are satanists, not actually jews" or "they are calling themselves jews to scapegoat the jews" or the countless other lies we tell ourselves to not accept the truth which is right in front of us. We want to live in a fantasy, because the truth is so hard to accept.

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Attributing criticisms to a particular group is going to alienate people from seeing your point of view. A better way to look at it is these people have cases of malignant narcissism, sociopathy, paranoia and every other problematic psychological disorder. They are devoid of empathy and have an unhealthy preoccupation with power, money and control. A lot more people are going to understand if you present it from that perspective because most people are sane.

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I agree completely with you.

It is much easier to convince people if you use masks for the Jew. If you criticize the "capitalists" when talking to socialists, "communists" to MAGA, SJWs to gamers, woke/CRT to conservatives, globalists to nationalists, zionists to leftists, satanists to Christians, reptillian shapeshifters to conspiracy theorists, and so on.
However they all talk about the rootless cosmopolitans, Jewry.

We are taught to never attack those in power, so everyone scrambles over eachother to find an appropriate label for the 1%ers, the Jew.

You will never feel the life ruining consequences of criticizing the reptilian overlords or the capitalists. The jews will use their immense power and control to absolutely destroy your life if you speak out against them and threaten their power in any way. They must have ABSOLUTE control, because they are sociopaths and have insane paranoia like you say.
They also believe they are Gods chosen race, which feeds into their malignant narcissism, like you say.

The only thing I will question is that they do have exceptionally developed empathy, however they do not have sympathy towards you. This makes them very efficient manipulators and liars.

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We get that you hate Jews, it's hard not to since that sentiment seems to permeate most of your comments regardless of what's under discussion. It's really pretty cringy, frankly.

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You can call it cringy, but you can't call me a liar.

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As several people have pointed out already, you attribute to one group what applies to all groups as no group is a monolith and all have both good and bad actors. Your fixation on one particular group for these evils at the very least makes you lack credibility, it's the typical find a scapegoat to blame for all our ills based on who people are rather than what they do as individuals, which just gives the perpetrators outside that group a free pass.

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Watch this short video to understand the stupidity of your position.

I judge people based on their actions, not who they are. However the actions of people in their group influences how I view others in that group, naturally. This is called Bayesian reasoning.
You have a lot of variability within a group, so judging an individual solely based on the group average would be incorrect, but likewise treating everyone as if they didn't belong to groups would also be incorrect.
If tomorrow, the jews stopped censoring people on facebook, reddit, youtube, etc. then a lot of my criticism of them would disappear BECAUSE of their actions, but they don't. They keep censoring us. They keep exploiting people. It is their actions I judge them by.

which just gives the perpetrators outside that group a free pass.

Definitely not. Do you think I ignore Ron DeSantis who signed a bill in Israel to ban free speech in Florida last month, just because he isn't jewish? Do you really think so? I hope you realize how that's not the case.
Do you think I ignore non-jews who benefit from this judeo-capitalist system exploiting the workers? Of course I don't.

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They shot their shot on Covid and did not get the total social control they wanted

They ratchet it up to boil the frog and we've barely begun Agenda 2030. Right now they're burning forests in Canada, and who's to say they won't burn crops and cities in the future. They have no problem facilitating riots in all the cities needing more downtown land for Federal Reserve buildings. The CBDC Central Bank Digital Currencies are indeed happening to serve evil. Much more is in store. It's far from over.


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They shot their shot on Covid and did not get the total social control they wanted

They're right now giving the corporate-bought WHO the power to arbitrarily dictate any social control measure they want, with member governments "bound" to enforce them. Giving those governments the "we're just following orders" cop-out while getting precisely the social control they want.

Along with CBDC and digital ID.

They got what they wanted: masses of obedient zombies around the world giving them a free pass to implement all the authoritarian measures they want, with the zombies taking it upon themselves to bash the dissenters.

And now, they're implementing those measures, to be put in place just in time for this next outbreak, by pure coincidence of course.

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Guys, Bernie is a two face bastard.

He will bring the country down. And says whatever he needs to say to get a bag.

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Guys, Bernie is a two face bastard.

Yes he is. And a coward and an establishment cuck and sheepdog.

Good thing that this isn't about him then.

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I agree.

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Bernie is someone I would call a thinker and not a do-er, although he and his wife have "done" some shady stuff to benefit their bank account.

Kennedy intrigues me. I don't agree with his politics, but he seems free of the corruption you'd expect with a "political family" member and appears to be running for the good of the country.

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I believed Kennedy is wild. There’s something like communism or something.

He’s extreme.

Good for vaccines, and that’s it. We don’t have an issue with vaccines right now.

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He already did by feigning the role of the revolutionary and then sheepdogging a bunch of young voters into the Democrat party to tell them to vote for Hillary and Biden. Many of the people of this sub were done with him after that.

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Good to hear.