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level of parent comment: contradiction

level of this comment: name-calling

/u/magnora7 /u/d3rr

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I see a lot more substantive argument than just "name calling". Grow some thicker skin and learn to argue your point.

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level of parent comment: contradiction

level of reply comment: name-calling + ad-hominem + contradiction

reply comment is lower on the pyramid than parent comment.

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pyramid level of parent comment: contradiction

pyramid level of reply comment: contradiction + ad hominem

reply comment is lower on the pyramid than parent comment. admins: /u/magnora7 /u/d3rr

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Are you the guy I argued with on NAB? Please see my other comment I just made to you, maybe it helps clear things up a bit.

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This comment only confuses me more, as the above is an example of pyramid-lowering in user-user interaction solely within the comments on SaidIt.

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What, being halfway called a caveman in the midst of a 20 point argument? This is a good faith debate, magnora is right. Also notice our use of the word "repeatedly" in the pyramid/content policy.

Debates get heated sometimes, that's how it goes. Good faith debate and insultingly trolling are miles apart.

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It is objectively pyramid-lowering, whatever else is going on there.

being halfway called a caveman

Is this "halfway called a caveman?"

Are you a caveman? I get a strong "I just learned how to walk on two legs" vibe from you.

It is difficult and tedius to educate someone who just arrived in 2020 from prehistorical times

How can one person believe so many wrong things at once?

Rethink your life.

Mind, there was no ad-hom or namecalling in the parent comment.

... actually, this is arguably ad-hom:

You want to be a woman cuz their lives are easier but it just will never happen. It grosses us out.

I had misread parent comment as "they want to be women because," not "you want to be women because".

I have revised my assessment:

parent comment: contradition + ad-hom + name-calling

reply comment: contradiction + ad-hom + name-calling

assessment: not pyramid-lowering

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I think we've debated policy enough. I'll leave you to debate it with others.

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We are 2 years into our pyramid policy and users like it so it's not gonna be changed. All are welcome to rally for tweaks and clarifications though. If you just hate it or don't get it, there's plenty of alternatives out there. You can clone our code too.