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So we have a good reason for sabotaging Ethiopia before they become a client state of the Chinese.

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Does it ever bother you advocating for the interests of the powerful and the creation of mass human suffering? Why not?

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Nope, does it bother you being a commie shill?

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How about the US stops meddling in other countries, steals entitlements from us for neocon Jewish zionists so they can bomb a few so-called 'commie' countries which are just corporations, like US inc.

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China isn't going to stop meddling in other countries, they're trying to dominate the world. You have your choice of a global Chinese overlord or an American one. I don't like how China rules their own people, I don't want that for myself or my family. Obviously the US hasn't been a great world leader, but it can be worse.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the young woke people side with Palestine. They created this monster, I think it's going to turn on them. We have too many deeply entrenched interests now for Israel to lose its support while the old guard is alive, but give it a couple decades.

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Israel isn't going to stop meddling in our elections and Zionists need to be expelled from public office. The first thing we do is create a self-sustaining country and revitalize agriculture and the money system. Young woke people sometimes side with palestine but certainly not all.

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Well then. Nice to hear it admitted in public. Moreover personal insults are against Saidit TOS. I'm certain advocating for real-world violence is too.

You speak truth to the powerful, not the powerless.

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You think the Chinese are the friendly underdogs who are going to eliminate world suffering. They just want to economically conquer Ethiopia and every other country stupid enough to indebt themselves for those Belt & Road loans they're never going to be able to pay off.

Moreover personal insults are against Saidit TOS


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You think the Chinese are the friendly underdogs who are going to eliminate world suffering.

I do? Did you just invent something, say that I said it, and then criticize me for what you made up? I think you did!

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Ew. So we have a pro-China user thinking China will eliminate world suffering when they, like all corporations do horrendous things to their enemy corp. or enemies of their enemy corporations and US inc. does the very same. You guys can keep arguing about whose is better, the Asiatic gremlin who wants to impose a multipolar Eurasian order with communist Jews or the Zionists who want sort of the same but the US leading but they hate you and did 9/11.

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Are you accusing me of copying your tactics?

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Have you forgotten that Ethiopia is a communist state which starves portions of its population for political reasons much like the USSR did to Ukraine?

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And what business is that of ours? The "invade other countries" policy you appear to be advocating for is called neo-liberalism. But you knew that already.

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Neocons rub hands

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let china have it