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"Russia isn't invading or conquering Ukraine. Russia is absorbing Ukraine actively disarming and defeating an enfeebled Europe and North America without going more than a few hundred miles from their own border."

Fixed that for you.

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Well, yeah, you could it that way, as well!

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What NATO still doesn't quite get, is that all they're doing by "helping" Ukraine, is hurting the Ukrainian people,

The US calls the shots, and I believe they know exactly what they're doing. It just isn't what they sold everyone on, which is fairly understandable as broadcasting your plans to your citizens broadcasts it to your enemies as well, and also because people are stupid and saying the war is for "democracy" is a good way to get public support.

Tying up Russia is important to keeping Chinese aggression in check, and I think it's fairly likely there's a backdoor deal to hand over Taiwan as soon as the US builds up our semiconductor industry. We saw Chinese saber rattling over Taiwan, and they quieted down when we devoted billions to domestic semiconductor manufacturing. That's obviously another thing that wouldn't be announced to the general public.

Now there's two hitches in that plan, One, do we really want to hand over Taiwan even if we do manage to build up similar chip making capacity domestically -- in case it needs saying, letting China have Taiwan before this happens is an existential threat to the US with only 2 solutions: bomb Taiwan's manufacturing sector ourselves, or start WW3, and that first option ain't great because China will still have an edge in that scenario.

Second hitch is that the US is likely never going to get domestic production up to what it needs to be fast enough to make China happy. Still, it buys us time to bullshit.

And it's important we don't strengthen China's position by allowing their biggest strategic ally to be unhampered by not having to kill hundreds of thousands of Ukranians.

We took an opportunity, a costly one, but I don't think it's a dumb decision at all. Lives may very well end up being saved in the long run.

Would China even had agreed to this hypothetical deal over Taiwan if their buddy Russia was available for a fight and they didn't have economic problems?

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nom nom

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You are still believing NATO's propaganda.
But you are completely correct that NATO is impotent, incompentent and corrupt.

There is a lot of confusion by most NATO politicians what really is going on.
Why would an Ukraine president or Israel president be allowed to tell other countries what they should do?
These countries are corrupt and in civil wars.

Russia mainly wanted NATO to follow the agreements that were made. But these agreements were completely broken.
The latest agreement was right after the "special military operation" started. One that declared safety for the citizens and withdrawal of membership of NATO.
The latter was to ensure the safety of Russia as well.
Just a month ago this was confirmed by CIA-newspaper, with the note that it is was a bad deal. Because it did not allow Ukraine to become member.
And thus was Ukraine pushed to kill itself completely and sell all its properties to Blackrock.

Instead of holding these agreements and creating a boring peace, the CIA and MI6 armed and trained an Ukraine army.
They also build bunker cities. Trained Bandera neo-nazis, paid mercenaries and terrorists.
They also propagandized the Ukraine people to believe their news.
Boris kicked out the peace agreement and NATO pushed Ukraine to start a "counter offensive" against pro-Russian Ukraine territories (and their people).
That has now led to the unnecessary 500,000 dead on the Ukraine side alone.

Most of "Ukraine" is was with Russian people. Most of them wanted to separate from Ukraine too.
And these Russian people in "Ukraine" were attacked by the government, which led to the civil war that is still raging.
Russia regarded Ukraine like US looks at California or Alaska. How crazy would it be if these states would join with China?
Or when California is taken by Mexico, because most people speak Mexican. And so should everyone else speak Spanish... or get shot dead.

The reason Ukraine is lost, is because the west keeps supporting the corrupt governments and evil army regiments.
Most of this money and weapons do not go into fighting but into corruption, mercenaries, criminals, drugs, etc.
None of the people do really want to fight. Most fled into Europe, many also into Russia.
A normal government would have made some diplomatic deals with Russia.

The EU allowed the NATO do destroy their own gas-pipelines and to destroy the economies completely.
This in addition to all climate, immigration and Covid craziness.

So the NATO, (EU, UK and US) is in a self-destruction mode.
And maybe they are so weak that they need other countries to take them out of their misery.

And I think NATO will no longer exist after 10 years.
Which brings us to agenda 2040...

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Where did you find all of this false Russian propaganda?


Most of "Ukraine" is was with Russian people.


According to polls, only 3% of the Ukrainian population want to merge into Russia. Even many ethnic Russians, who live in Ukraine, don't want to become a part of Putinist Russia.

Here's the problem: Russians have been invading Ukraine since 2014, taking land, murdering innocent Ukrainians, raping them, torturing them, kidnapping children, destroying buildings, destroying cities, and destroying families. Russians must leave Ukraine and pay for the damage they caused. This is the minimum they should do.

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I think they will take entire Ukraine

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The "three day war" thing kinda reminds me of this.

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There are similarities. But, fact is, Iraq is rather more under U.S. control now, than it was before, isn't it?

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Probably the capital, I guess? I don't know enough about the situation over there to give an informed answer. Anyhow, I'm not disputing what you wrote. The Mission Accomplished thing is just to say that if people in the West are calling the "3 days" thing a failure, they're living in a glass house.

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You understand my point, then. I'm an American, but, obviously, America is in no position to accuse the Russians of being incompetent or undemocratic these days, are they?

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Can you give some examples of how this has worked for Russia in the past?

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This is precisely how they built the entire Russian Empire, in the past. This is precisely how Russia became a large, and powerful nation. Those weren't lightning campaigns, they were long, bloody contests, over years, or decades. As far as that goes, how do you think the U.S. defeated the native Indian population? Long, bloody campaigns, over years, or decades. That's "how the West was won", my friend!

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