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    It's a bad pun on domicile or domestic.

    Also I love me some domes and Bucky Fuller.

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    When people call us entitled its because we complain about not being able to get a relationship. This word can also translate to meaning we should be able to force girls into being our girlfriends, which doesn't accurately most incels online or off. People use the word entitled knowing we are the former in order to group us in with the latter. You also say mansion, we'd actually be fine with an ugly girl and a shitty personality. Including one that contributes less than us to the relationship. AKA we are the homeless saying it'd sure be nice to have a shitty apartment.

    ALSO women do feel entitled (as in can force people) to other people's riches. People who complain about the wage gap often have gendered studies degrees and complain they aren't making as much money as people in STEM.

    So in short, you are inaccurately describing us, however you do accurately describe the average feminist/modern women. Would you mind editing your post accordingly?

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    This post is a parody. You picked one word to dwell on.

    FYI: I am in fact an Incel by many definitions. But I would never consider myself one as that's not how I define myself. I was sexually active from 17 to 41ish, and am now 49. I had lots going for me. Then in 2008 I put my blind faith in a doctor who prescribed me anti-depressant poison. I nearly died but survived and am still crawling out of that hole even now. And now I'm old and thick (fat) and have lost most of my valueable belongings, my career, and most importantly the love of my life. I had some of this and that shortly after, but I'm just not into flings. Am I an Incel or actually more of a Volcel? Who the fuck cares. It was difficult enough emerging from a chemical fog, but going from young thin and attractive to old, fat and meh was almost as difficult - but I've learned to accept it.

    When I get banned from a sub for no reason it pisses me off. When I see people blanketing people with posts like "I hate all women" it pisses me off. I don't hate all Incels or even some, or any actually. I can still get pissed off at stupid actions.

    People are people. Men and women can suck and can be great. The tribal rage is a problem though. Not so much for me, but for the poisoned minds within that tribe and for those that tribe affects. It is a nasty cycle that only goes down.

    ALSO women do feel entitled...

    CORRECTION: ALSO SOME women do feel entitled...

    In short, you are inaccurately lamenting women too. If your tribe is representing itself well, is that really on the rest of us to parse out?

    Also FYI: I don't mind Incels even half as much as I have issues with 3rd Wave Feminism, so I don't know what you actually mean for me to "edit accordingly". Yes the wage gap is generally selective mythology.

    IMHO, If I were one of you I would seriously consider abandoning the Incels and MGTOW and supporting Men's Rights.

    Thanks for the conversation thus far. Please feel free to continue it, here or elsewhere, to teach me or ask me about this or whatever you like.

    Lastly, I thought up much of this "creative writing" post while walking back from the grocery store looking at all the houses I'm sooo glad that I'm not burdened with. I despise grass lawns and that everyone owns their own lawnmower in this consumer culture. Why not have one mower share on a block? Why mow the grass at all? Bring back nature!

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    You picked one word to dwell on.

    No it was an entire theme. You said the whole way through we think we deserve what the wealthy has. What else were your points? That we don't work hard? How would you know that exactly? I personally tried very hard for a very long time.

    ALSO SOME women do feel entitled...

    A good vast majority of those I know, and those that I see online including reddit as well as facebook*

    I was sexually active from 17 to 41ish

    So not an incel. If your change of circumstances was at 21, and you were never married sure. You lived a good life and got dealt a shitty turn, that's sad but not the same thing as feeling like you missed out on a proper life lived. You will always have fond memories.

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    So an Incel has to be a mostly or fully life-long Incel?

    The entire theme was a parody. Daydreaming about a nonconformist home and lifestyle while walking through a suburban nightmare of banality. Yes, to be sure, part of it was a poke in the ribs of Incels. Maybe you're not ticklish and without a sense of humour. Maybe I hit a sore spot about this sensitive "entitlements" issue that is blown out of proportion and has become a bad stereotype. I'm not of your tribe and it's not my responsibility to fix your image. That's on you.

    I'm against most tribes anyway. Hating all women is hating an entire tribe - for no reason other than they are in that tribe. It's sheer nonsense.

    I don't have a partner now. I don't complain about it. I know that if I really want one I have to get off my ass and find one and earn her. That's a FUCKTONNE of work. I have better things to do. I also don't hate all women because of it.

    I think I might need glasses soon. I don't hate all 20/20 eye or eye doctors or blind people because of it. Life is NOT fair. Politics and society are not fair either, though IMO I think we should aim for that.

    You can attack me and my domicile/domestic story. You can lump me in with others. You can do whatever you want. Rightly or wrongly. And so can I.

    Was I addressing the easy stereotypes? Sure I was. If I didn't then folks wouldn't understand the concepts I was proposing. Call that lazy writing if you want. I call it an experimental first draft. Will I refine it? Nope. It wasn't good enough as a parody or original concept or clever writing or anything. It was meh.

    Indeed I do feel I missed out on many "normal"/"proper" life aspects. I moved around a lot chasing my career in animation and eventually become a director. Moving all around North America is an adventure to be sure, but I didn't sttle down with anyone much less had kids. So what? Do I feel sorry for myself? Not really. Did I want more from life? Mosdef.

    I know a great guy in a wheelchair with CP. He's not easy on the eyes. He came to Burning Man, twice. I nicknamed him "Love-On-Wheels" which he was hesitant at first then embraced it to the max. I'm pretty sure he's no virgin as he's had some girlfriends. I played in his wheelchair basketball league. I never heard him complain once, despite having all these issues with the wheelchair, driving, exhaustion, life, etc. I'm pretty sure he'd never identify as an Incel.

    IMHO, Incels need more motivation, not a circle jerk of complaints. But I'm banned from the sub so I can't even add helpful ideas, much less have this conversation. That's what Incels seem to be to me - a whiny club, and I'm not allowed in it. Fine. But I refuse to be told I can't talk about any subject at all.