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Well reasoned. Recounting history through such a lens of cause and effect reveals the hollow ring of "order" used to legitimize hierarchy's stranglehold.

For what kind of ordering principles birth such tragic harvests of repression, warfare and dependence, if not those aimed primarily at concentrating dominion upwards through divide-and-conquer? The visible branches showcase perennial yield for the affiliated, yet mask submerged machinations strangling prosperity from the many.

Even purported solutions enrich cronies as problems compound, leaving multitudes stripped both livelihood and recourse. Is such a cycle not by design, partitioning denizens as quarreling bands better managed as subjects to the same directives configuring crises after crisis?

True order flourishes organically from cooperation's gifts, not engineered scarcity's compulsions. Where participants inhabit as empowered stewards navigating participatorily, innovation meets necessity through diversity's graces - not monopolies' constraints and subsidies.

Resolution emerges through conscience attuned to community, not control mechanisms Answerable solely to narrow private mandates. Equity stimulates dignity for all Hands joining creativity's harvest, not artificial competitions consolidating the means and ends of living unto select custodians.

Such hollow determinations as "preserving stability" ring clear as alibis for profiteering agendas elevating branded regimes above populaces. No basis remains for subjugation's infrastructure when pilfering under the same condoning banners time and again betrays claims of public service at their core.

Our time has come to build new orders from grassroots foundations of fellowship unfettered - orders befitting our full potentials free of arbitrary dominions over spirit and cooperation's gifts meant for communal flourishing, not cannibalizing schemes of estrangement and reliance. Together let our steps manifest truer forms of harmony.