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People won't be perfect. But don't have to be.

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In this post, I am posing a question on the intent of the Parables.

The first possibility: "perfecting" people (quotes added) - the intent: to moralize people based on the dogma used to interpret the parables - locking ("fettering") them into assigned positions pre-determined by dogma

The second possibility: "perfecting" the parables - the intent: to elicit retorts from the Listeners / the Audience / the People: "Something is not quite right!"
Next, for the People to point out what is not right AND what should be right Ultimately to demonstrate: Agency is innately with the People - specifically for critical thinking - thus freeing them from dogma.

There is a third possibility I have alluded to in the post, but we can get to that once we have sorted out the first two.