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It's also allowed on s/debatealtright. You just can't break rules while you're in the process of debating. One common rule many people break in dissident subs is they don't argue in good faith and attempt 'tone' policing on the community. Those are bannable offenses. You can debate and seek truth but you can't play psychological games on our communities.

If you're here in good faith and worried about being labeled a 'shill' and banned you need to sit down and read the long list of 'shill tactics/forum sliding' posted on the sidebar. If you do your best to avoid those you'll be welcome here (even if you disagree with us).

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Why did you ban me from that subreddit? I did absolutely nothing wrong.

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I didn't. That was another mod; but I'm sure he had a good reason.

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Oh sorry, who do you think it was?