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Porn destroys girls and women.

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In a better world that would be enough for people to see that porn is bad. I think this comment section proves that is apparently not the case.

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I haven't watched porn in almost 2 weeks and don't plan on starting again, perfect timing for this sub to be created.

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i saw that yes it's true, but we should be going after the people trafficking humans and not pornhub,

if you target pornhub they will just move to a new website, you can use the pornhub as a website to gather evidence,

go after the root of the problem, pornhub is not the root of the problem, its goes much higher then them

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We should go after both, this isn't some either or scenario. Pornhub creates both a demand and a platform for trafficking, on top of the many other problems it causes, so yeah, we should definitely get rid of it. Society would be much better off.

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like i told you, you go after pornhub, they'll just build another website, and move on, its a big waste of resources to go after pornhub

you should be using your full resources to go after the root of the problem, or at least you can work with pornhub to see information about whos uploading the videos of trafficked girls

society will not be better off without pornhub because another pornhub will popup in minutes

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Then we'll take the next site down too. I don't think it's a waste of resources to ensure people's freedom, safety and right to their own bodies.

And working with pornhub? They've made it very clear they're not concerned about the safety of the girls and women exploited on their site.

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it's not a waste of resources because you don't directly have to pay for the police to investigate and take down websites, tax payers do, and we are forced to pay taxes, thats not freedom, how about you talk about the theft the government takes its citizens via taxation

ensures people's freedom? what about the freedom of website administrators, it's their right and freedom to launch a website, we dont need you or any government trying to tell us our website is wrong and trying to take it away from us

thats what china does, they ban websites, and take down whatever they dont agree with

thats not freedom

the root of the problem is the monetary problem, how the central banks have unlimited money and a currency not backed by anything other than military might

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It's their right and freedom to launch a website, sure, but not if it comes at the cost of another person's human rights. And in this case, that's definitely the cost.

And if you're so against the taxes needed to investigate this kind of thing, why did you suggest going after the traffickers in your first comment? Surely that would require the same thing. Seems to me like the only constant here is that you want to keep pornhub alive.

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Pornhub is owned and ran by two men who also run 11 sites and has their own day time company too. Yes you can go after certain content making it illegal to be shown. For example..anything that promotes illegal activity such as rape, pedophilia etc... even themes where it's just a fantasy rape scene...or fantasy "child"

there used to be age verification for this and they done away with it a while ago. Why do they want kids watching this? Yes pornhub is a start and the ones making all that money tax free should be held responsible for the shit they've allowed. It sends a message.

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PornHub has rules against this kind of content, but since all their content is user uploaded (and so much of it is user uploaded), stuff inevitably slips through. That doesn't mean the site is facilitating sex trafficking.

Additionally, they described GirlsDoPorn as a "partner site", which is misleading at best. Any porn company can sign up for an account and pay to have their trailers promoted. I remember seeing some of those trailers, and their stuff was all fairly vanilla. What it turned out was that behind the scenes some of the girls were being deceived. Apparently they thought they were shooting private porn films that were sold to rich clients and never put on the internet, when in reality GirlsDoPorn was a hugely popular site and so these young women would be horrified to find out they were being seen by potentially millions of people. There was also talk of coercion where some would fly out to shoot but get cold feet and the producers would threaten to make them pay for the flight and hotel among other things. Also I think they would sometimes pay them less than was initially agreed upon.

There are a bunch of articles about the GirlsDoPorn situation if you want the details, I don't remember it all that well. But at any rate, I don't really see how any of this is supposed to make PornHub guilty of sex trafficking when there was no way they could have been aware of any of this.

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when they ignore a 15 year old's real rape they are letting this in. When they allow people to upload whatever they want..they are letting this in. Yes they are responsible.

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Considering the industry PornHub is a part of, they should be well aware that there is a lot of potential for abuse in multiple ways. Considering that the topic of consent has become important the past years, I would say it's in Pornhub's best interest to be very strict about the content on their site, and to be very open about the way they're handling all this. Trying to shrug off any responsibility is honestly not a good look when it comes to stuff like this.

And of course stuff "inevitably" slips through when you don't even have a proper verification system in place. If anyone can just upload revenge porn on your site, I think it's safe to say your system has failed.