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I'm not an expert on stigmata, but the way I think about it, and other magical claims is this:

Is it more likely that [magic thing happened] or that a human 1) made it up, or 2) misrepresents the truth either willfully or by deception, or 3) hallucinations.

Keep in mind that 1, 2, and 3 happen all the time, and that's verifiable. Magic has happened exactly zero times under controlled conditions.

This is not influenced by atheism, it's influenced only by reason and logic. The fact that I'm an atheist has no bearing on my epistemology. Think of a god you don't believe in, say, Zeus. How does your disbelief in him affect your decision making? Do you go to non-belief of Zeus meetings? What are the tenets?

Atheism doesn't tell us how to think. It's just a rejection of claims that gods exist.

So the question is, what do you think of stigmata, and why? Where is the evidence such a thing isn't some sort of fuckery?