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For the first time in ages I called my parents to get them to prepare for the winter. They don't even want to talk about it. Fuck em and their blind faith in their pablum-feeding TV. I'd wish upon them a COVID curse but that would only validate their ignorant nonsense about the non-threat. Maybe I'll reconsider in 8 years when the first boomers reach 82, the average age of COVID death.

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Thanks for posting this and all Canuck news to /s/Canada.

If we in Canada can remain informed then we can fight back here and hopefully indirectly affect trends and things worldwide, including the USA where we're impotent in most things.

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De nada.

The FEMA camps are all over the US. We've known about them for years.

Also, schools in every US city have been designed by prison architects for decades.

The hoax school shootings got funding allocate for security cameras in every school, and they're installed already.

They're already using the jail style in phone system to speak on person with school administrators during school hours.

All of the systems are already in place for a overt fascist police state.

I'm not sure what can be done to plan for this.

Hopefully, enough people will recognize it for what it is when the trap is sprung.

Optimism of the heart, and all...

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I've known about the FEMA camps before Jade Helm, but aside from the WWII anti-Jap camps in Canada we haven't heard bupkis about them here. I suppose it's naive to imagine there wouldn't be, but it's more that it just doesn't come up.

Yes, Canadian schools are not much different than prisons either. Prolly the same blueprints.

We should study what was effective in Chile and Argentina in the 1970s.

All I can hope for is a quick execution rather than drawn out suffering. I'll prolly get the latter just because they're heartless and twisted.

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What we're your thoughts on the alleged debt cancellation agreement that 30% of parliament resisted?

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I don't know enough about it. I would like 100% of government arrested and resisted. And corporate media too.

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Is this in an article!?!?! This needs to get out more!!!!

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I thought you'd be interested. ;-)

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I'll screenshot it all together and make a post later, maybe even transcribe it all.

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What do many of these purged folks have in common?

Amazing Polly
Dustin Nemos
Mouthy Buddha
World Alt Media
Dollar Vigilante
Titus Frost
Destroying the Illusion
Praying Medic
Storm Is Upon Us
Truth & Art TV

I'm familiar with:

Amazing Polly
Mouthy Buddha
World Alt Media
Dollar Vigilante
Titus Frost
Destroying the Illusion

And at least half of them heavily promote cryptocurrencies.

McAfee also promoted them and was just arrested.

Plus Facebook is set to launch its own Libracoin currency.

Is there going to be a crypto or tax shakeup?

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That's a good question.

The second coming of Bitcoin has just went mainstream. It's called Monero.

It's a privacy coin, and the IRS put out a bounty on anyone who could track it. ($650k IIRC).
It was developed with a focus on privacy, and fungability (spendable/exchangeable).
The wallets and accounts are anonymous.

The mining operators are generally ANCAP anti banksters.

Bitcoin is traceable, which can be managed by the NWO. Contrary to the hype surrounding it.

Monero is at ~$110 per coin. Up from ~$40/c on May.

It's getting ready to explode.

When the fiat currencies collapse then the wealthy will be desperate to stash their wealth as the bubble collapses.
Cryptos can evade capital flight restrictions, etc.
People can flee their countries and still access their wealth. But Bitcoin can be traced, so they could find you.

Privacy coins solve for that.

Also, privacy coins can be purchased with black market Bitcoin to launder them. Then turn them around and buy clean BTC coins on a normal exchange.

There's two other privacy coins worth looking into.

  • Wownero is basically Monero 2.0. Made by the same basic Monero crew.
    It's yet to take off, and is currently at $0.05/ coin.

  • Pirate coin is a newer coin (two or three years). Developed independently from Mon. Different crypto design and cryptography. It's a backup or parallel option in the case Monero is cracked for tracability.
    Also hasn't taken off. Currently at $0.07/coin.

If you have $1k then buy Bitcoin and Monero 45/45/5/5.
You may be able to bribe your internment camp captors

I think these Alt coins are the real deal.

Although, they don't have the same finite total coins in existence advantage that Bitcoin has.

This inherent scarcity is the feature that will likely make BTC worth $1 mil or more, per coin.

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Monero has been around since 2014. Don't know much about it. Wasn't sure if it was another trap, as many are.

2019-01-07 I mirrored it to

Not sure what has been censored or not. WP likes to censor all the crypto "for our safety" against scams, including Filecoin, IOTA, etc.

In the Winter/Spring I'll be mirroring my limited "tech" interests and alternative solutions to WikiSpooks where we/they/etc can contribute to articles free of corruption.

Buy me a Monero today and I'll pay you back on Tuesday in 5 years.

I have zero money to spare. If I could I'd buy $20 CDN of Wownero tomorrow - or maybe Nov. 1.

Good to know. Thanks for the tips. Saved.

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Also, this looks like it might be worth an investment: