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These are awesome and will help a ton with the mechanics and rebuild.

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I didn't realize Chilton and Haynes were the same company. Thanks.

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I'm a little late but using the right tool for the job helps. I "saved money" by sand blasting for 2 days with my little compressor and blaster when I could have just outsourced that job.

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Thanks. I have finally have my big garage and have put together a decent tool collection. I am also in a place financially where I can outsource parts of the job that I probably don't have enough practice with, like the body work. I have had too much on my plate at work this year, so as things settle down, I will hopefully start back on this project. Seeing so many old cars on the road as the weather warms up makes me itch to get going.

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Sounds like a recipe for success! Heck yeah man, best of luck!

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Does the car have power steering and hydraulic brakes?

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Factory power steering and air conditioning. Yes, power brakes, too. It has the 14 inch wheels and drum brakes, but I want to convert to 15" and 4-wheel disc. 289 CI, automatic transmission, and coupe.

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Well I would start with changing the power steering fluid and brake fluid and then motor oil and coolant.

Check if the car has hidden rust near the rear wheel. Its a common place to rust

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I stripped everything and sandblasted years ago and then life got in the way. I sprayed a coat of epoxy enamel and it's held up well. There is minor rust in both rear wheel wells and I'll have to practice my welding before i tackle that. I welded a new front passenger floor pan when I first got it, but it's not the cleanest job, so I may redo that. I'm going to replace the entire braking system. I had painted the engine bay and dropped a fresh donor engine in, but I'm going to pull it back out while I finish the body work and front end.