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I only got personally touched by censorship in one sub, and Reveddit revealed how many posts I had the mods removed (They didn't like my politics). Thanks for bringing awareness.

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Oh my God! They removed 89 comments, articles and links though I followed their content policy! I had a run in with a moderator for a group and he banned me because I was upset that someone else had attacked me in an unbelievable manner calling me the C word then saying when someone's a C that means their mother was too! The commentor was some big reddinator and I got banned from the sub, But I didn't know I'd been banned from all the subs I had joined over the past 4 years! Including all of the stories I'd posted that were written by other people! I dropped off of reddit a while back but still, this is upsetting. It means months of work came to nothing because I didn't realize I had been shadow banned by every subred I participate in!

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It's very upsetting.

Please spread this website so others can see this unfair manipulation.

Note: I'm not affiliated with the site at all. I'm just someone who has learned some truth.

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Yeah, it's clear that reddit and the moderators of a lot of the popular subs really love pushing their tone policing & ideology.

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C word? Do you mean cracker lmao that isnt offensive at all I love saying nigger just because of the soystorm it causes

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Soystorm? I got an image of beards falling from the sky with things screaming REEEeeeeee mingled with in.

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Got banned by NFL by referring to a lesbian as xir and asking for xir's gender pronouns.

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I got banned from several subs for calling the ITS MAAM guy an "it"

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These gender pronouns are retarded anyways imagine having to cater to someone elses fetishes because other wise they will commit suicide or have violent outbursts because they are mentally retarded slash unstable

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@outlander brewery and pub Wow, I never thought about it that way. Thanks for the new perspective!

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Sorry I wont remember the sites name lulz