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Sorry I didn’t realize I was talking to someone extremely sensitive to rhetorical questions pointing out the absurdity in their arguments.

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Wow, you edited your comment after I reported you for POD violation. It's really disappointing to see our new users are so dishonest at arguing. You're gonna have a bad time at Saidit, I can tell already. You're not used to arguing in good faith, nor applying the principle of charity to your opponents. The Pyramid of Debate was implemented here specifically to deal with Reddit jackholes who argue like this.

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Yeah and you can see it’s edited not sure how that’s dishonest if you can see it lol. I explained it nicely for you since you didn’t get it. You’re gonna have a bad time if you just report everyone who can point out your bad arguments. Learn what a rhetorical question is, then try again. Can you explain to me why what I said is an insult? I’m not seeing it.

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Have you ever heard of Halloween? It must be a very confusing and scary time for you.

It's an insult. It's not an argument. It's condescending and rude. Halloween isn't scary for anyone but small children. I can tell you're accustomed to arguing like this as you so easily slide into it.

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Well now you’re insulting me with your assumption that Halloween is only scary for children. I will quote you verbatim to not misrepresent you as you are doing to me.

Imagine someone who doesn't like spiders, keeping plastic spiders around the house. That's what this sounds like.

So correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t see a difference between a penis and a sex toy, or a fake spider and a real spider. I assumed you did not have a mental illness that precludes you from discerning reality from fantasy, so I do apologize for that assumption. I mentioned Halloween, since you mentioned spiders, as a hopefully familiar way to contextualize the difference between reality and fiction, since Halloween is often when you will see fake spiders belonging to people that do not own real spiders. With this in mind, hopefully you could apply that knowledge to sex toys vs penis, but we haven’t gotten that far yet.

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I assumed you did not have a mental illness that precludes you from discerning reality from fantasy, so I do apologize for that assumption.

More ugly insults. You're bad at Saidit.