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    The media, which is always trustworthy.

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    And if you vote for trump to fix it, he “monitors the situation.”

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    How do you know it was antifa and not agent provocateur? I remember seeing them all the time at protest. Incidentally big tech Facebook has reviled algorithms that suppresses the genuine left, while the corporate left is free to push Biden... I know, non story.

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    How do you know it was antifa and not agent provocateur?

    Sigh. Boy, you really, really, really want this to be false, don't you? You're hoping so hard.

    We know it because the man who did it is 35-year-old Androa “Dro” Anderson, of Watsonville, Cal. He was booked on charges of mayhem with a hate crime enhancement. He and Philip share the same surname but are not related.

    Androa lists himself as an artist and graphic designer on his LinkedIn page. His personal social media posts show him frequenting BLM protests and pan-Africanism rallies in the Bay Area. His Instagram is filled with posts expressing an intense hatred of police.

    “Caught a #ThinBlueLine #MAGA Flagga LACKIN!” Androa captioned with a video showing him stealing a pro-police flag from a car with a “MAGA” sticker in late June. “You advocate for Police Genocide [sic], harassment, abuse, rape, and mass incarceration you a threat on my family's existence and humanity. #bluelivesmatter NO #BLUELIVESMURDER.” The video shows him lighting the stolen flag on fire.

    “I hold no grudge against him. He’s been brainwashed,” says Philip. He says Antifa rioters physically blocked attendees from going to his rally on Saturday.

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    You seem convinced bro, I hope you are right and not being played. Old saying "belive half of what you see and none of what you hear", apply this advice to insure sanity in crazy times.

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    You seem convinced bro

    FYI: The character you are replying to is a shill in the most literal sense.

    Chipshit is here to manufacture division.

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    I did get that vibe... Thanks for confirming.

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    Most of the antifa people I know would happily kick in the face of someone who disagrees with them, and then go on a three minute hate filled rant at how they fucking deserved it for being literal nazis.

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    Sound like you are hanging with stupid pricks... They say like attracts like.

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    good faith debating a bit beyond you. I understand.

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    You don't have to "hang with them" lol, they can find you themselves these days

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    You seem convinced bro, I hope you are right and not being played. Old saying "belive half of what you see and none of what you hear", apply this advice to insure sanity in crazy times.

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    Why's it so hard to believe that racist Antifa are beating the shit out of people for expressing their opinions in public? You should hear the rhetoric applied to any blacks who leave the plantation and begin thinking for themselves. Uncle Tom is just the beginning of it. Ask Thomas Sowell, he has spent most of his life being tarred in this way by people who would never speak to unthinking blacks this way.

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    In Europe the anti fascist movement is largely non violent so it's easy to spot agent provocateurs, they stand out like a floating shit in your pint. You are omitting the Dems passed the civil rights act, what have the republicans done for anyone out side the corporate/governance class ...ever?

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    "I'll have those niggers voting Democrat for a hundred years!"

    • LBJ, Democrat.

    Do you have anything to discuss about this black man being the victim of racist violence and then getting his speech censored? Typically leftists support blacks and victims of racist violence. Unless the black man left the Democrat plantation and is thinking for himself.

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    Anytime they see anything horrific on their side they go to - STAGED! I mean, if anything it just proves that the act is so egregious that the only way it could be carried out were to be if it was fake.

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      Actually, these are democrats attacking people.

      Democrats were once the party of slavery, now they're the party of sending Democrat operatives to Republican baseball games and shooting them, lockdowns, or sending swat officers to arrest salon owners for opening their business to feed their families.

      Antifa is just an idea.. An idea rooted in the Democrat and DNC platform. Multiple Democrat legislators are part of this larger idea, AOC, Keith Ellison, and others as well as many other silent supporters ( democrats in your daily life).


      I'll take it even a step further, even Republicans get in on this action. They might not be actively promoting the destruction of the States as the DNC is, but when you see Facebook, Twitter and others actively censoring Scott Atlas or the WH spokeswoman, along with anyone else whose stance is other than the "official narrative", you aren't part of the solution, you're the problem.

      How no one has brought up impeachment charges against Roberts is beyond me, elections now literally have no meaning or timeline, i can mail in my fucking ballot 2 months after the election and they better count it..

      We are literally living in a banana republic.

      The irony; that the descendents of the people that ended tyranny and oppression in Europe are brought their knees by people who refuse to acknowledge that men and women are different or that words and statues are hurtful.

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      Whatever you'er selling I ain't buying. This left/right crap is totally fake, the republicans are not conservative and democrats are not left leaning. Both parties are war affiliates, authoritarian and corporate in nature, everything else is theater, I hope you are enjoying the show, me.... I'm fucking bored of this crap.

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      Incidentally big tech Facebook has reviled algorithms that suppresses the genuine left, while the corporate left is free to push Biden... I know, non story.

      This is the real story.

      It's all about polarizing the two sides.

      The "right" isn't allowed to see/recognize the reality that the left also hates Biden, and opposes riots and arson, etc.

      This Biden censorship garbage will be used to kill internet. That's the hidden agenda.

      I agree Biden is garbage, but I don't think anyone thinks he actually won any primaries. He was selected for this problem-reaction-solution PsyOp.

      They will use the "censorship" of this "October surprise" that they've been holding onto since last year (plus Biden publicly admitted to it well over 4 years ago) to claim the govt needs to have oversight of the internet, and this will ruin it for the rest of us.

      This Biden fiasco is a joke, and so is Biden.

      Presidential elections have been demonstrably rigged since 2004 Bush vs. Kerry (at the latest). Trump was preselected to win.

      Infact, Trump is already on the Israel's temple coin (in front of king Cyrus).
      Do you actually think Israel would let him lose to Biden?

      Trump is "Israel's greatest friend.".
      The guy on the 3rd temple admission coin isn't going to be allowed to lose to a senile pedo frotteurist.

      There may be mail voting shenanigans, and contested results, but he's not going to lose power.

      This Biden PsyOp will be used to destroy free speech on the internet.

      Both parties support this, and they're manufacturing a problem-reaction-solution operation to screw over the public forever.

      The Biden fiasco is bullshit. It's time to wake up.

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      I actually agree with you completely. It’s called political theatre, and they use the word “theatre” because the politics we’re seeing display all the elements of a theatrical event: There are “creative directors” behind the scenes putting the show together, there’s a narrative being set and a story unfolding before the audience, there’s a hero and villain, both who stand in opposition of each other based on views, mortals, ethics, a code, there are actors who when in front of an audience, act, move, speak, think and feel in a certain way, so the show can unfold as planned by the creative directors as well as to cast the illusion that they are the character they play, not an actor, and as a member of the audience, you get lost in the moment, the illusion, usually when things get most intense, and for a little while, forget the actors are just that; humans with alternative desires, acting, and working a job, while for a moment, you become internally invested in taking a side for a fictional character.

      Republicans and democrats are two different sides of the same coin. Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is still voting for evil. Candidates are vetted and selected to make sure they play ball; you, or your neighbor, can’t start a campaign and realistically expect get an equivalent amount of air time (which means less people even knowing you exist) and marketing (unless you’re rich - no corporation or individual is going to invest millions into a “nobody’s campaign”, and your whole town could donate to you and it still wouldn’t be enough to compete with those who were chosen to appear before you on tv and in the mainstream news). How can you fix a broken and corrupted system, by using an extension of that broken and corrupt system which is also broken, flawed and corrupt?

      This may seem like a funny example, but you’d think someone as rich and connected as Kanye West would have no problem running for president and getting attention (I mean, he’s personally spoken to Trump, worked with Trump on reforming some things, met with him at the White House publicly and privately to have dialogues, as well as had Trump do him an international favor within a week after contacting him once when a fellow artist had been incarcerated in a Swedish prison for no other reason than defending himself after trying to desculate the situation multiple times as seen on camera). His whole platform has been censored, to the point where his ads are shadow-banned from multiple sites like YouTube and other social media, despite him paying for ad campaigns (In fact, his own ad was removed from his official profile - the only channel you can view it on now is the hill, and if you do a YouTube search of “Kanye 2020”, nothing comes up like it does for Biden despite him paying for an ad campaign on YouTube.

      Realistically speaking (seriously, no jokes), I’m sure more people would be interested in, and would show up to his rallies or speeches (whether people actually believe in him, or are just there for the entertainment), than Biden (who it’s been proven via video recording, has no physical audience when he gives speeches lol). To top this all off, they refused to give him a slot and told him he had to be a write-in nominee. To be honest, if that is the case, it doesn’t require the type of response he received to inform him of this and the censorship he’s been the victim of - they wanted to personally let him know, he had no chance despite his influence or wealth. The point of me even mentioning this is whether you like Kanye West or not, he is one of the most influential, recognized, and versatile artists among the celebrities of today’s world; his music, social projects and work transcends generational divides to the point where he has a large older and younger fan base alike. You’d think he’d have an easy time advertising his political platform despite being late in the game, when people literally pay insane amounts see him live, his products are announced randomly and sell out within seconds (literally, despite being incredibly expensive), and he actually has a history of donating and working with the less fortunate as well as setting up social programs, especially in his home city, trying to bring others up and show them the way lol.

      If this influential man who has many good connections, is wealthy and has attained a level of success that is undeniable whether you like him or not, is running into these walls, what walls do you think you, someone the world doesn’t know or have any reason to care about, would run into? The whole notion that anyone could be president and those who are running for the position are good-intentioned people who randomly woke up one day and decided that leadership needed to be under their control for the betterment of society, our citizens and the country at large is a farce. They are a puppet dancing on strings to the tune of the “creative directors”

      Every president since I’ve been alive has said one thing on the campaign trail, and then did completely different things in office. They are controlled liars. When Trump was first running, it made me question the fact that I was questioning the voting process, after he made it through with everything he was saying and seemed to authentically want to make things better. Then he MIGA instead of MAGA. It’s all a joke; voting and having a favorite politician is like having a favorite sports team. This is all done to give you the illusion of free-will and participation in politics, when in reality, the president and Congress are going to do whatever the fuck they want, spend your tax money however they want (including giving billions of it to foreign nations), whether you like it or not.

      They’re just actors on a stage, doing as told by the architects of the show. The only way to win is to refuse to play. If everyone refused to play and demanded for things to be as they should, they’d have no choice but to oblige; we outnumber them. For now.

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      Wow, somebody who gets it. Nice post.

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      Totally agree, the real left need to purge the corporate left or whatever the fuck they are.

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      He was selected because he was an old white guy to lure old white guys so they can then push him out for Kuhmala.

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      He was selected because he's a deep state insider.

      He helped pen the precursor to the patriot act, etc.

      IIRC: He also ran for president every chance since '88. Never won a primary until super Tuesday 2020, when he won 4?!.

      Rigged system.

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      Completely rigged, but didn't we see that in 2016 with Bernie

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      We did.

      The DNC was sued, and the case dismissed because the democratic party is a private corporate entity.


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      An agent provocateur fights to undermine his own movement. His actions must be clearly advertised. Live video, retweets, the lot. Hitting a conservative is not good enough, most lefties actually endorse violence, the undecided have already had their BLM marches to mull over. So it's most likely antifa.

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      There is no nice way to say it so I'm going to just say it ...... You're talking shit!

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      Experiment away, sign up for twitter and say innocent things from a traditionalist point of view to lefties, see how soon they threaten YOU instead of replying to your arguments.

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      It may be true.... I'm not convinced.

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      The solution is incredibly simple. Stop using the platforms in question, move to, or build, a better one.

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      Oh sure, let me build my own Facebook clone real fast. Oh wait, MasterCard has blocked our ability to accept payments!

      Yes this really happened already.

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      Libertarians are children.

      "Just start your own bank"

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      "Just start your own... uh.. government?"

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      sToNeToSs iS a nAzI

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      Said solution only allows these platforms to become ideological strongholds of the left. It doesn't hurt them in any way. It's essentially just admitting defeat and running away.

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      So what? Let them have their far left echo chamber.

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      This far-left echo chamber is more like a far left breeding ground where they create ideological soldiers to harm you and yours and destroy everything you love.

      I hope one day you can see that your way of living only leads to you getting destroyed by ideologies that aren't afraid to gain and use power against their enemies aka you.

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      How can a resistant force ever form if they are constantly bogged down fighting a tide of censorship and marginalization? The opposition needs it's own space. Staying within a tilted and monopolized paradigm is the true danger.

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      Sorry to say but were gonna need to start using fire against fire