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Everything is just purging everyone... :( Can't say anything. Can't make a joke. Can't strongly dislike anything. Sheesh.

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On Discord you can't even be around people who do that. One person can mess up, and if Discord "Trust & Safety" finds out it often results in every account on that server getting banned.

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I didn't get banned, but I also probably said 2 things in that server the whole time I was there.

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If they're feeling generous they'll just give you a warning in that case. But don't count on it, because there are other times when they ban every single account in the server, even if it was just sitting on the member list and never even lurked, or even if it's the one that reported the server in the first place. That happened to a few political compass meme servers. It's also happened to servers for video games and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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That's remarkable, as I have always though that the gamer community was a bit less prone to flying off the handle over rude or possibly offensive speech. Or is every online space just this over-patrolled now?

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Discord is mainly a chat service. It also offers online games, but I definitely wouldn't call it part of the gamer community, especially when every single employee is a furry.

There are gamer servers, and those are the types that tend to get shut down. And usually every account in the server is banned, sometimes even completely inactive ones.

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Tim Pool is a typical right-wing grifter:

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Only because the left moved the goal post so far left, almost everyone but the most raving extremist is right of it.

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Whatever, communist grifter.

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Discord sucks, it has a terrible privacy policy and they also censor (case in point). Matrix is an open source chat protocol and a much better option.

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Yet they claim the reason they permanently delete banned accounts and servers is privacy.